Taxpayers Trumped Again! Wall already exists….in some places

commentary by Monomakh…………

The Great White Hope of America der Fuhrer Donald Trump whom many Americans think is the nation’s salvation is about to put the screws to the American taxpayer/consumer in regards to his proposed “border wall.”  He is toying with the Congressional Republicans idea of putting a 20% tax on imports as a plan to make Mexico pay for the wall. That might seem all warm and fuzzy but such a tax WILL have an effect on the American consumer as it will cost imports such as produce from Mexico to skyrocket.  Of course this tax will simply be passe along to the consumer in the form of price hikes and the American supermarket will continue to make outrageous profits.  In essence this is making the American CONSUMER to pay for Trump’s wall NOT Mexico!  Yeah SCREW YOU AGAIN AMERICA!

Oh but wait… some places along the US-Mexico border THE WALL already exists!  WTF?  Back in October of 2006 President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 claiming it would “help protect the American people” and make our “borders more secure.”  The bill called for building physical barriers along a 700 mile stretch of the US-Mexico border.  It also funded an electronic wall which Trump says his wall will have in some places rather than a physical wall.  Cameras, sound sensitive detection monitors, satellites, and drones were authorized for use by this law as part of the electronic wall.

The US Border Patrol estimates that the existing wall cut down on illegal immigration by about 18% but in May of 2009 a Congressional report found that illegals simply found new ways around the wall.  They dug tunnels under it, went around it, climbed over it, flew over it, or tossed illegal drugs over the top!  They will do the same with Trump’s wall.

When Trump talks about building a wall what he’s really talking about is FINISHING THE EXISTING WALL.  The cost of the Trump Wall is estimated to be around $8-$12 billion dollars which, frankly, is absolutely outrageous.  So if the 20% tax on Mexican imports is enacted it is guaranteed to raise prices for the American CONSUMER and how is that making MEXICO pay for the wall?  Politics is nothing more than a game of smoke and mirrors and NOTHING in politics (including Trump) is ever what it appear to be.  He might claim he’s going to make Mexico pay for his wall but the growing reality appears to be that it is the US taxpayer and consumer who are REALLY GOING TO PAY FOR THE WALL!  Yeah America you’re being TRUMPED and played AGAIN and you’ll soon find out that Trump is NOT that Great White Savior you’ve been so eagerly looking for.



One response to “Taxpayers Trumped Again! Wall already exists….in some places

  1. Not so. I for one, do not desire anything MIM (Made In Mexico), and avoid the stuff. My ford King Ranch, I made certain came out of a US plant. For 20%, Mexico can keep their stuff. I was looking at a Ram 2500, but guess where it was made. Tariffs, hurt the Mexican workers. Mexican government is corrupt, as usual. They have money. The honest Mexican workers, they get clipped. In other terms, an inability to buy groceries for their families.

    The simple solution to the matter is, Constitutional Carry (NOT the reciprocal carry farce). Allow people to exercise their right to protect themselves. Then a wall is not necessary. America saves. Mexico saves. Bad guys try to harm you, then you are armed. The criminal element, must be returned to whatever nations they originate from, whether south of the border, or in any point of the compass. So where does that leave us? Twelve million (estimated) illegal aliens, who are in the commission of the federal crime of Entering and Remaining Unlawfully In The United States. Have Mexico drop their laws about unlawfully entry and remaining, and other nations also drop their laws. Now, once that is done, then, have a registry system with a path towards citizenship through a number of routes, such as military service, or, work as volunteer in hospices, or, daycare centers, or soup kitchens, until a number of hours are totalled and not simply signed off. Then they have a window of time to study for the immigration exam. Stuff like “which president had wooden teeth?”; “Which president was in the mamaguebo scandal?”.

    Constitutional Carry, is the key to the entire situation. Not fear mongering, from any side. When we go to mass, we are with all ethnicities. They are not the enemy, they are members of the same family believing in Jesus Christ. The criminals, are a different story.

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