Homeland Security: Trump Ban DOES Apply to Green Card Holders!

Following yesterdays executive order issued by POTUS Trump the Homeland Security Dept said today that the ban DOES apply to immigrants holding a “Green Card.” Holders of these permits are normally assumed to have permanent US residence status and most immigrants use them so they can work in the US. It is unclear if this ban applies to immigrants from Latin America, however, since the EO issued by Trump yesterday primarily applies to people trying to enter the US from 7 Muslim countries.

Gillian Christensen, a DHS spokeswoman told Reuters in an email that the ban does apply to green card holders. Additionally, Trumps edict yesterday also greatly expands powers of US immigration officers. The order dramatically increases ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) efforts to detain and deport undocumented immigrants. The order also lays out a number of criteria outlining priorities for removing persons from the US which especially focuses on those illegals with criminal records. The orders definition of “criminal” is very broad and basically leaves it up to individual ICE officers to decide who is a threat to public safety and who is not.

In another Executive Order issued by Trump also authorized beginning construction of a border wall along the 2000 miles stretch between Mexico and the US southwest. The wall will be a physical wall in some places but in other places it will be an electronic wall. Some parts of the wall already exist as they were built during the Bush II administration.

Reaction to Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants and refugees for Muslim nations has been coming in from around the world including Iran today taking an act of retaliation by banning US citizens from entry its country. Google today recalled its overseas staff back to the US which includes more than 100 Google employees. Google’s actions today brought to light a growing controversy between the Trump administration and major corporations with employees overseas an employees who are immigrants in the US with green cards working primarily with tech companies.

Trump’s ban is in effect for the next 90 days and bans people coming into the US from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya. Not only is the ban already affecting people with green cards but it is also effecting those with visas. DHS issued a directive to all ICE agents yesterday to immediately enforce the presidential order.

At this point it seems the ban does NOT apply to Latin American immigrants as no Latin America country appears on Trump’s ban list. However, WH adviser Kellyanne Conway told the media today in a tweet, “POTUS is a man of action and impact. Promises made, promises kept. Shock to the system. And he’s just getting started.”

In related news Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto who had a falling out a few days ago share a conference call yesterday. Details are unknown as both leaders promised not to discuss what they talked about.

Some people have said that Pena Nieto is nothing more than a puppet of the Mexican drug cartels and that the Mexican government is today more corrupt than ever. They point to this as being the reason Pena Nieto opposes Trump’s wall even though Trump says the wall will be beneficial to both the US and Mexico.

It is now common knowledge that MOST of the illegal drugs, human trafficking, sex trafficking, criminals and potential terrorists have come into the US via the US-Mexico border in recent times.  This all has lead to an increase in crime in many US cities.  President Trump has said that illegal aliens present a “significant threat” to the national security and public safety of the US and US citizens.  Yesterdays order is seen as the FIRST STEP in securing America’s southern border.  In addition, the US Border Patrol Commissioner has been instructed by the Trump administration to immediately hire 5000 new border agents.

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox is angered by Trump’s insistence to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. A few months ago Fox said Mexico is not paying for the wall and publicly said, “F**k Trump!”.  In a recent interview with MSNBC Fox compared Trump to Hitler and said the GOP was akin to the Nazi Party.  Fox also said Trump’s wall will end up being paid for by American taxpayers not Mexico!  Indeed, Trump is considering a 20% import tax on all products from Mexico including produce, auto parts, and vehicles made in Mexico.  Trump has said that Mexico has “taken advantage of the US for long enough” and that things must change NOW.

Current Mexican president Pena Nieto told reporters Mexico doesn’t believe in walls and that Mexico does not support nor will it pay for the wall.  That position, allege some analysts, is due to the fact that Pena Nieto is funded by the Juarez Drug Cartel.  Back in March of last year Aristegui Noticias, an independent news outlet, conducted an investigation and released a highly controversial report of dealing between the Juarez Drug Cartel and Mexico’s PRI party during the 2012 Mexican presidential campaign that ended up seeing Pena Nieto elected to the presidency. That report revealed high level members of the drug cartel via a company called Monex financed thousands of cash cards handed out by PRI party members during the 2012 Mexican election!

It must also be noted, some point out, that the current situation in Mexico is that para-military groups in the pay of various drug cartels control vast territories including some entire Mexican states!  Surprisingly this current arrangement seems to have the sanction of Pena Nieto and his government.  However, the MSM in the US has mostly ignored this report which, frankly, is not surprising as most of the US MSM is controlled by Communists!

For far too long the US has financed other nations in the form of massive amounts of foreign aid and, frankly, many of these nations are ungrateful for the US handout.  This has resulted in massive taxpayer money being funneled out of the US and into other countries many of which are rather hostile to US interests!  The time has arrived in which the American taxpayer is tired of financing other countries and paying countries to be our friends.  MOST American TAXPAYERS agree that foreign aid should be reduced and the money used for something else within the domestic realm.  Further, for a long while the US Border Patrol has said that they routinely find discarded and clearly Muslim para-military uniforms along the US-Mexico border.  This should be alarming to Americans but past administrations have ignored the USBP claim and evidence!  This, in my opinion, is far more serious and alarming than Latinos crossing the border illegally!  Terrorists from Islamic nations are obviously using the border to get into the US and the question is what is their purpose and what are they bringing with them.  The border patrol has apprehended a number of “other than Mexican” immigrants since 9/11.  So the fact is this…..

America has to start somewhere in securing its southern border!  People who cross the border illegally are violating US law and the mere fact that they cross the border makes them criminals as soon as they enter the US!  There is nothing wrong with a nation wanting a secure border and, in fact, most nations do want just that.  With the election of Trump it appears that the American gravy  train has come to a rather sudden stop and like Conway says Trump is likely just getting started and we all might as well get used to it.










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