One comment on “Immigration: One Bad Apple

  1. Can’t help but notice the MSM is reporting only one side of this conflict and that is the anti-Trump side. They got so desperate last night they had to report the awards ceremony and comments made by the stars (as if anyone really cares what those sex addicted drugged out people think!). “We report, you decide” LMAO not hardly!! Of course the MSM are all Marxists pushing the Marxist agenda. They want America to become a Communist nation. The replacement for the Soviet Union. If they would study a bit of history they would likely change there minds and their ideology, however, and here’s why………….

    Most Marxist Communist regimes simply see the media as “useful idiots” to be used to achieve their gains. And once those gains are achieve the members of the media are often executed as are other “useful idiots” such as college professors as they no longer serve any purpose to the now ruling Communists. Some go as far as Pol Pot did, that is, he designated anyone wearing classes to be an “intellectual” even though they weren’t. He ordered the Khmer Rouge to go into the streets and kill anyone wearing eye glasses and they did just that without question!

    This scenario will repeat itself should America ever become such a state I assure you!

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