Immigration: One Bad Apple

commentary by Monomakh —– 

There’s an old saying that says it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. That seems to be an appropriate metaphor for the current immigration crisis America is facing now. MOST immigrants from around the world and Rurik4refugees want to come to America and be Americans. They come here with high hope in anticipation of better lives and more freedoms. MOST are law-abiding and most become productive people. However, there are a FEW who do none of these things and who come to America wishing to contribute to the destruction of our society and our country. For example, some immigrants come from Latin America with the sole purpose of spreading the tentacles of the drug cartels they work for. There goal is to spread the influence and TERROR of the cartels. A FEW come to America with committing terrorist acts and some even get as far as carrying them out. Most of these rejects come from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and other Middle Eastern states. These nations were included in Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from these nations. However, I’m dumbfounded that the ban does not include people from Saudi Arabia as the 9/11 terrorists were from that nation and that nation is KNOWN to finance GLOBAL TERRORISM!

There comes a point when a nation and a people must take actions to defend themselves. MANY Americans just can’t fathom the idea that SOME people DON’T like us, don’t want to live like us, and want us DEAD…..ALL OF US! Well it is true! There are people out there that would like nothing better than to see the destruction of our country and the wholesale slaughter of our people and Americans had better wake up BEFORE that happens!

America has always been a welcoming nation to the immigrant….in times gone by! But, sadly, that doesn’t fly in today’s world! People have changed since those days and not for the better and not only in America but all over the world.

The US Border Patrol has reported for years apprehending “other than Mexican illegals” coming across the US-Mexico border. Most of those people are from Middle Eastern countries…the SAME Middle Eastern countries that Trump’s order is directed at. The USBP has also routinely found discarded and OBVIOUSLY Arab military style



uniforms along the US-Mexico border. Some of these uniforms have shoulder patches and insignia CLEARLY written in Arabic. Some have patches that depict the planes flying into the trade towers on 9/11 with the caption “Allahu Akbar” sewn underneath. Clearly the people who once wore these uniforms are likely NOT our friends and the really frightening question is who are they, why are they here, and what did they bring across that border with them? Answers to these questions are all unknown as the USBP didn’t find the people who discarded them. These facts have been reported in the alternative media and once in a great while on by the MSM but Americans just don’t get it! We want to think everyone loves us and wants to be just like us. NOT TRUE! In fact a lot of people out there HATE US!!

It only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel and that is what has now happened and why Trump issued his ban order. It would be foolish of him and US to allow these things to continue. Open borders do NOT work! The Germans are now admitting open borders do NOT work! Europe is basically HISTORY! Soon Arab immigrants will outnumber Europeans and they will have accomplished what many an Arab leader in history tried to accomplish but couldn’t. The CONQUEST OF EUROPE! And this has been achieved not by use of some large phenomenal army but via immigration.

We know for a fact that MOST terrorists come from Middle Eastern nations. We know MOST are young males. We know MOST adhere to the faith of radical Islam. This is NOT profiling. This is observation based on FACT! At some point we have to stop profiling granny trying to get on a plane and START dealing with the potential people we know could likely be TERRORISTS. In this case it is the young Muslim male from the Middle East!

It has been absolutely ignorant of our nation to ignore these facts and it would be even more foolish of us to continue to ignore these facts. In fact, we are very lucky that something bigger than 9/11 has not already happened in the US due to our FOOLISHNESS! It’s one thing to bury our heads in the sand but it is quite another to bury them so deep we suffocate! But that is exactly what some among us have done.

We can continue to be a welcoming nation but we must also be a vigilant nation! We must be an intelligent and common sense nation! Those who play with dynamite usually get burned. We all got burned on 9/11 in case you’ve forgotten. There is a BIG difference between being intelligent about immigration and being absolutely STUPID! Thus far we’ve been pretty stupid and now along comes Trump trying to throw some common sense into the ring and some people have got their panties in a hissy! Would these people prefer we take the continued risk of something bigger than 9/11 happening in our country?

Turning now to Mexico that government has a long and rather sordid history of corruption and THAT is a historical FACT! The present leader of Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto is most likely being bribed by the drug cartels that basically now rule Mexico.

Back in 2016 a Mexican news agency, Aristegu Noticias, released the result of an in-depth investigation they conducted into the dealings of the Juarez Drug Cartel and the ruling Mexican political party the PRI. They discovered and uncovered EVIDENCE that during the 2012 Mexican elections the Juarez Drug Cartel was using a fake company called “Monex” to funnel thousands of dollars in cash cards to PRI members. In short, what they uncovered was the Juarez Drug Cartel having funded the election of President Enrique Pena Nieto!!

For far to long now Mexico has enjoyed its corruption and drug sales across the border. They’ve ran not only a lucrative drug operation but also sex trafficking and other criminal activities. Mexico has done NOTHING to try to stop the illegal aliens coming from Central America. These people have to cross Mexico before they get to the US border! They often ride freight trains across Mexico to the US border and Mexican authorities do nothing but wave them on! Now Mexico wants to bitch because the American president wants to curb illegal immigration and build a wall. That, bitching, frankly has nothing to do with immigrant rights and EVERYTHING to do with interfering with the Mexican run drug and human trafficking operations!! No market equals no profit! Can’t get your goods to the market then you don’t make any pesos! It’s simply basic economics and THAT is what Mexico’s primary concern about the Trump wall is all about!!!

We, America, are in a time of great danger. We have many enemies in the world. Some of those enemies desire nothing short of our wholesale destruction! We are at a crossroads. We can make the choice to continue to be FOOLISH or we can make the choice to wise-up and take some common sense steps to try to prevent more terror attacks on our soil. If this means dumping out the barrel and finding the one bad apple then SO BE IT. If we don’t then we are all liable to be dead apples!



One response to “Immigration: One Bad Apple

  1. Can’t help but notice the MSM is reporting only one side of this conflict and that is the anti-Trump side. They got so desperate last night they had to report the awards ceremony and comments made by the stars (as if anyone really cares what those sex addicted drugged out people think!). “We report, you decide” LMAO not hardly!! Of course the MSM are all Marxists pushing the Marxist agenda. They want America to become a Communist nation. The replacement for the Soviet Union. If they would study a bit of history they would likely change there minds and their ideology, however, and here’s why………….

    Most Marxist Communist regimes simply see the media as “useful idiots” to be used to achieve their gains. And once those gains are achieve the members of the media are often executed as are other “useful idiots” such as college professors as they no longer serve any purpose to the now ruling Communists. Some go as far as Pol Pot did, that is, he designated anyone wearing classes to be an “intellectual” even though they weren’t. He ordered the Khmer Rouge to go into the streets and kill anyone wearing eye glasses and they did just that without question!

    This scenario will repeat itself should America ever become such a state I assure you!

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