DA Opens Investigation into 51 Year Old Death tied to JFK Assassination!

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has opened an investigation into the 51 year old death of newspaper reporter Dorothy Kilgallen who was also a TV star on the show “What’s My Line?”. Kilgallen was investigating the JFK assassination at the time of her death. A new book entitled “The Reporter Who Knew To Much” suggests Kilgallen was murdered to shut her up! She apparently was looking into Mafia ties linked to the JFK and assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s murders. The author of the book, Mark Shaw, presents new leads, new medical evidence, and new witnesses in the case.

Kilgallen was 52 years old at the time of her death. She died suddenly on 8 November 1965 at the height of her journalist career. She was the only reporter to interview Jack Ruby who killed Oswald and published his testimony to the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination of President Kennedy. Reportedly, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and singer Frank Sinatra were her enemies. Sinatra was long rumored to have ties to the Mafia and Hoover was known to hate both President John F Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Kilgallen was found dead in her apartment in Manhattan nude under a robe still wearing make-up. The Medical Examiner ruled her death as due to an “accidental” mix of liquor and sleeping pills. Shaw contends she was drugged, however. As evidence he sites a powdery residue on a glass next to her bed. National Archive records also show two additional barbiturates in her system at the time of her death. Shaw says there was zero evidence Kilgallen abused drugs. He also contends that “despite the odd death scene and heavy doses there was no investigation.”

Shaw says that former Medical Examiner Toxicologist Dr. Stephen Goldner told him that at the time of Kilgallen’s death the Brooklyn Medical Examiner’s Office was controlled by the Mafia! It was the Brooklyn office that conducted the autopsy even though she died in Manhattan. Shaw also contends that just weeks prior to her death Kilgallen purchased a hand gun for self-protection. She was also planning a second trip to New Orleans to investigate Mafia leader Carlos Marcello.

Shaw also reports in his book that Kilgallen told her hairdresser Charles Simpson that, “If the wrong people knew what I know about the JFK assassination, it would cost me my life.” Shaw urged the new investigation and also is urging the DA to interview Ron Pataky who is an Ohio newspaper columnist and former lover of Kilgallen’s. He was seen with Kilgallen at the Regency Hotel the night prior to her death. Pataky now age 81 wrote a poem entitled “Vodka Roulette” next to the image of a bartender mixing drinks. A message on that document reads “Make one of ’em poison.”




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