Schumer: Proof Postive that Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder!

Commentary by Monomakh……..

eagle1US Senator Churck Shumer who is the Senate Minority Leader stood before the press this week with a family of immigrants as a backdrop speaking out against President Trump’s TEMPORARY immigration ban. He then teared up and appeared to cry like a whipped stepson. OH THE DRAMA! OH THE EMOTION! OH THE PISS POOR ACTING JOB!!!!!

Schumer called Trump’s ban “mean spirited and un-American.” He tried to put on a good show but he should take a few acting lessons as many people just laughed and did not take him seriously. And it’s a good thing they didn’t take him seriously because Senator Chuck Schumer is nothing short of a HYPOCRITE! And here is the PROOF………………

Back in 2015 according to The Hill, Senator Schumer D-NY that it may be necessary to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the US! His comment then parted with those of other Democrats against halting the refugee program.

It appears Schumer forgot his comments back in 2015 supporting a temporary halt in the refugee program or does he think the American people are just STUPID AND FORGETFUL? It also appears Schumer likes to play both sides of the fence in an effort to always come out on the winning end. He must have learned how to cry on cue from former House Speaker John Bohner who frequently cried on camera during his tenure as Speaker. Frankly, that was the most disgusting display for a “MAN” I’ve ever seen! And Schumer’s tears on Sunday were nothing short of DISGUSTING for a MAN and a so called “leader.” Why can’t we have STRONG MEN instead of these WIMPS?

Schumer’s HYPOCRISY is blinding as is all the other hypocrisy displayed far too often by his colleagues. Of course, the Democrat’s plan is to keep the SHEEPLE inflamed and on the march against anything and everything Trump does or doesn’t do. And this is the PRIMARY reason this nation is so divided and can’t get anywhere! This is also a MAJOR REASON we need TERM LIMITS in Congress! Hey the POTUS can only serve 2 four year terms so why should members of Congress be any different? This CRAP of having career politicians needs to STOP NOW!

Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder and it has and is ripping apart this nation in ways we do not even yet know.

The law says that the POTUS has the power to forbid entrance into the US of any person who he deems a threat to American national security. Would you rather we take the ignorant chance of allowing terrorists into our country unhindered? Would you rather these people enter our country and begin slaughtering American school children or workers in the workplace? FACT is we are at WAR with radical Islam whether you like it or not! And in times of war ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN to protect America and Americans! To not do so would be a gross act of ignorance and irresponsibility! Of course I’m sure that if we just let these refugees in unhindered and then one of them commits a terror act on US soil then there would be outrage over allowing them in the country. Trump understands we are at war and he is attempting to do things that PROTECT America and YOU! To make a FARCE of it as Schumer did Sunday is insane!

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