The Lord Answers and Witches Conjure!

commentary by the Fiery Evangelist—-

Fiery EvangelistWell…well….well…it’s been awhile but I aint-a gone nowheres-a!!  And I’ve got something to say to the NATION for the Lord ALL POWERFUL has but this on my mind and in my heart!

This past November the Lord God Almighty-a answered-a the prayers of millions of Americans and Donald Trump became President of our nation-a! Glory! Glory! Glory! The Lord gave us a reprieve from the eight years of EVIL tyranny waged against every Bible Believing Christian under Barack Obama and his EVIL Communist agenda and policies! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that witch Hillary Clinton didn’t get into the White House! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!!

Now comes-a news our way that witches all around the country are conjuring spells on our President to bring him down. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be because these servants of Satan will do anything to prevent America from returning to a descent, GOD-FEARING nation!

Well hears what the end result is going to be-a! These servants of the pit can conjure all they want to but to no avail-a! The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WILL TRIUMPH IN THE END I assure you-a! GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!!

So let them conjure their spells and let them do their hocus pocus but all their efforts will NOT prevail-a! The LORD GOD-a has spoken by delivering Donald Trump into the presidency and NO POWER can stand against him because he is under the HAND OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Oh….oh…oh yea the powers of darkness are gathering against him because they are filled with great fear but they will be put asunder! The whole world-a will see God’s hand protecting the President and the LORD will guide him to restoring our nation and our people to decency, morality, and the traditional values that built this country and made this country great. YES he will Make America Great Again because the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY guides him!

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looney Tune in N. Korea Kills Again!

It seems that the looney tune presiding over North Korea has killed yet again. Reports coming out of the closed backward state ruled by Kim Jong Un say that he ordered the execution of no less than 5 security officials for false reporting.

And how did this nut have the 5 security officials killed, you might ask?

Why by anti-aircraft guns!


WTF? Can you believe this looney tune? Anti-aircraft gun? You mean a simple pistol wouldn’t have done the job? Or you mean poison darts wouldn’t have done the job effectively? I guess Kim wanted to make sure these 5 security officials were dead… dead….dead.

This comes on the heals of this nut sacks half brother being assassinated by poison last week in a Malaysian airport. South Korea’s intelligence agency reported that none other than Kim Jony Un ordered his half brother Kim Jong Nam killed! Of course North Korea and their looney tune leader deny these reports but I couldn’t help notice that when Malaysian authorities apprehended the assassins North Korea called for their immediate release! Now isn’t that odd? Why in the world would North Korea want these assassins released and not brought to justice UNLESS North Korea has something to hide…..WHICH THEY DO!

Let’s put this simply shall we?

The head of North Korea aka “Looney Tune” Kim Jong Un is a psychotic cold blooded killer plain and simple! He needs to be removed from power by any means! I see this as a good job for the CIA! Oh wait, the CIA doesn’t do that kind of work anymore as they are far too busy subverting our own POTUS 🙂


Perez, Clinton, and the Democrats

A new poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University reveals 62% of Democrats hope the Party is DONE with Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. In other words MOST Democrats are now sick of Hillary Clinton and just want her to bow out and go away gracefully. I doubt she will however! She’s never going to be POTUS because people don’t trust her and don’t like her. And neither will her daughter!

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

That said, you may have heard that former Obama Admin Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected Chairman of the DNC a few days ago. Frankly, I think he’s a good pick as he tends not to be an over the top loudmouth. The guy DOES have some common sense which is something much needed in the DNC today.

Yesterday he appeared on “Meet the Press” and was speaking about President Trump’s order halting immigration from seven Muslim countries with ties to terrorism. Perez thinks Trump’s order is “ill advised and frankly racist….against Muslims.” I beg to disagree with Perez! There’s nothing racist about it as it is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! We have to begin somewhere when it comes to stopping terrorism and this is a start. This nation would be REALLY STUPID to just let anyone and everyone into our country which essentially is what we’ve been doing for the past 8 years under Obama’s leftist yoke!

I realize MOST of these people are wanting to get to the US to escape the violence and tyranny going on in such places as Syria, Somalia, and Libya but they need to be better vetted. This has nothing to do with discrimination. It has everything to do with common sense and taking precautions in an era of radical Muslim terrorism expanding everywhere. Trump’s halt to immigration from these seven countries is TEMPORARY and Obama did the same thing in the past. So what’s the big deal? I would hope Perez would see this but, apparently, he doesn’t.

I’ll tell you one thing, however. The Dems had better get their act together before the mid-term elections! They’d better start making appeals to young voters and America’s working poor. And one thing they seriously need to do before the next presidential election is get someone besides Hillary Clinton as their candidate! She has a likability problem and people do not trust her. There are people who would be much better than her! The DNC needs to get to work!!

My hope is that Tom Perez will be a voice of reason in the Democratic Party. A voice of common sense that will stand up for American workers and the poor. We shall see.  Finally, terrorism and the threat of terrorism is something we cannot afford to be stupid or lazy about.  We MUST be vigilant!  We MUST take precautionary measures!  We MUST do everything possible to protect ourselves!  If we don’t then we most certainly will pay the price in some very big ways.


Let the Guilty Speak First! And they do!!

Originally posted on John A Pappas: Something never made sense to me in all the commotion and false narrative that was created during the presidential election between Hillary and then presidential candidate Trump and that was all this crap that Putin wanted Trump to win and he was hacking to make sure as such. Now…

via Hillary Clinton Used A False Narrative To Connect Russia With President Trump In The Presidential Campaign When In Fact Putin Laundered Money To Hillary And John Podesta — Brittius

Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated completely.  The guilty usually speak first and accuse others of the very crimes they themselves have or are committing.  It’s like the spouse who claims the other spouse is “cheating” and when the truth comes out it is the accuser who is typically the one doing the cheating!



Sanders: Dem Party Needs Total Transformation!

Sanders1US Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders I-VT told CNN’s “State of the Union” program that the Democratic Party needs a major overhaul and need to make a more aggressive effort to court America’s working class voters and fight the Corporatist on Wall Street. Sanders said it is crucial Dems do more to mobilize grassroots supporters in their battle against POTUS Trump.

“We need a total transformation,” Sanders said. “We need to open up the party to working people, to young people, and make it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is going to take on Wall Street, it’s going to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s going to take on corporate America that is shutting down plants in this country and moving jobs abroad.”

In the last election (Nov 2016) the Dems lost not only the WH to Trump but both houses of Congress and 33 state governorships! Sanders comments come one day after the DNC elected former Obama Administration Secretary of Labor Tom Perez as the new chairman of the DNC. Perez says he wants to rebuild the party from the bottom up. Perez said today on “Meet the Press” that Dems need to elect people on State and Local levels and “everywhere inbetween.”

Perez also said that in the last election Dems did not do enough and ignored large numbers of rural Americans. Speaking of the anger being expressed at several recent Town Hall meetings across the country held by Congressional Republicans, Perez said the Dems need to harness that energy in the ballot box.

I’d say before the Dem Party can be transformed they need to weed out the many Corporatists among them. Further, they need to come back a bit closer to the center as many Americans think the Dems have gone too far left. Americans are not buying the leftist agenda or ideology. Americans do not want to live under a Communist regime. I would also suggest they throw out the Saul Alinsky ideology!

300 Scientists Demand US Leave UN!!

UN bugged

The most corrupt criminal org on the planet!  UN headquarters NYC!

300 scientists have signed a petition sent to President Trump asking him to pull the US out of the UN and the UN’s global warming campaign. The letter says, according to a story appearing in The Hill, that since 2009 the US and other governments have taken actions against global warming that are NOT SCIENTIFICALLY justified and that already have and will keep causing serious social and economic harm with NO environmental benefits.

In the letter the scientists point out that CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT and to the contrary there is clear evidence that it is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plant life. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for plants! Plants breath out oxygen as they breath in CO2. Without CO2 there would be no plant life on Earth!

This letter is just the most recent effort to get the US out of the corrupt criminal body known as the UN (United Nations) and to remove the organization from US soil. IF the US leaves the UN it would mean no more taxpayer money would be going to the UN. The US supplies about 22% of the UN’s budget which is more than any other nation. The scientists also said that contrary to what is put forth by global warming proponents CO2 does NOT cause the harm they allege.

President Trump has previously promised to remove the US from the UN. The report says climate discussions are POLITICAL DISCUSSION and NOT scientific discussions! In other words it’s a POLITICAL not an environmental agenda. In fact, some proponents have come right out and said global warming is not about science but about the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor nations via carbon taxes. Some have also said that the real agenda behind global warming is the demise of the US and capitalism and replacement with a Marxist economy and one world leftist government (read the UN)! So why are American taxpayers footing the bill for the UN? Kick their asses out of NYC, stop funding them, and let’s use the money saved to HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE! It is a well known FACT that the UN is nothing but a criminal and global drug running operation! It has strayed very far from what it was created to be originally!!

YOU can sign a petition to President Trump yourself urging him to get us out of the UN at:



US Military Will NOT Be Used as Deportation Force

DHS Secretary John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with their counterparts this week in Mexico City amid growing tensions over illegal immigration between the US and Mexico. Kelly told reporters that the US Military will NOT be employed as a deportation force and he also stated that there would be NO MASS DEPORTATIONS.

“Everything we do at DHS will be done legally and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the United States,” Kelly told reporters at the press conference in Mexico City. President Trump had earlier referred to the deportations as a “military operation” but WH Press Secretary Spicer told reporters the President used that term as an adjective. Spicer also told reporters that the National Guard would NOT be directed to conduct mass roundups of illegals inside the US. This was a reference by the Associated Press that Trump was considering using the National Guard for such an operation. “This is 100% NOT TRUE,” Spicer said. “It is false. It is irresponsible to be saying this.”

Rumors have spread like wildfires among illegal residents in the US lately including rumors of mass sweep and raids being carried out by DHS agents across the nation. DHS has said this is not true either and that there are NO mass raids or roundups going on in the US.

Tillerson and Kelly also met with Mexican President Enrigue Pena Nieto and several Mexican ministers including the Mexican Foreign Minister where trade and immigration were discussed.

Tensions have been mounting between Mexico and the US ever since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency last November. Trump wants to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexico has already said repeatedly that they have no intention of paying for the wall. President Trump and his aides have floated many ideas on how to make Mexico pay for the wall including slapping a 20% import tax on all Mexican imports coming into the US. Mexico has protested against this possibility as well. Today the government called for bids from construction companies for building the wall. Plans and bids are due by the end of March and construction of the wall is set to begin in mid-April. The wall already exists in some place erected by previous administrations but was never completed due to costs and political opposition.

Not all of Trump’s wall will actually be a physical wall as large sections of it will actually be an electronic wall. This past week DHS Secretary John Kelly put out a directive to ICE and the US Border Patrol directing them to begin enforcing immigration laws thus removing the yoke Obama had placed around their necks. Obama’s controversial “catch and release” directive was also voided and illegals will not be arrested and jailed instead of being cited and released with a court appearance date. Hopefully, the directive put out by Kelly this weak also removes the absolutely ridiculous Obama directive put into action by his DHS Secretary and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano which directed Border Agents to initially fire BEAN BAG round at smugglers firing back with AR-15s or other high power weapons. That directive is what caused the death of USBP agent Brian Terry a few years ago. He was following the directive and firing bean bags at some human traffickers and drug runners he encountered in southern Arizona. They were firing live AR15’s at him and they killed him!