Trump Hangs Up on Australian PM!

trump_3Rumor has it that President Trump hung up on Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull during a recent phone conference that was supposed to last for an hour but ended up lasting only 25 minutes! Allegedly, Trump told Turnbull this is “the worst call by far” in comparison to phone calls with other world leaders. This is according to the Washington Post.

The report claims Trump was “incensed” by Turnbull’s insistence that Trump honor an Obama admin agreement to take 1250 immigrants into the US from Australia. Allegedly, Trump told the PM he was trying to send the “next Boston bombers” into the US! Trump reportedly was yelling at Turnbull according to SKY News Australia and then abruptly hung up on the PM.

Trump apparently was so upset after talking to Turnbull that he continued to rant on Twitter Wednesday night. The Obama deal pertains to refugees and NOT immigrants reportedly. These refugees are from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia and have been living on islands off the coast of Australia!


Now of course the question is why is Turnbull so eager to rid himself and Australia of these refugees? And why does Turnball have them living on islands and not in the national capital of Australia next door to his regal residence? I guess Turnbull better wake up and smell the coffee cuz there’s a new sheriff in town named Donald J. Trump and he’s not taking any BULL from anyone (pun IS intended)!



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