The Coming Trump SHOWDOWN! Pick one…..

trump-caesarHe’s NOT your average POTUS! He’s not politically correct in the least! He’s used to getting his way or no way! He’s not about to kiss ANYONE’S ass….no not in the slightest! He’s using Twitter as his Homeland Secretary to manage the masses! And he seems to like to set things up for a SHOWDOWN!! Oh the DRAMA! Oh the SUSPENSE! Oh…..oh my!!

Of course I’m talking about President Donald Trump and right now it appears to me that he’s got a 3-way SHOWDOWN going on. First up is the now infamous border wall which has pissed some people off so bad they’re about to bust out of their shorts. I foresee mass demonstrations once construction actually starts along with sabotage, sit ins, and protesters chaining themselves to the wall as it’s being constructed.


Second up is that touchy issue of the immigration ban. He pissed a lot of people off all over the planet with that little Imperial Edict didn’t he? Why if I didn’t know better I’d say Trump fancies himself as some sort of resurrected Roman CAESAR. Ruler of the Known World! Trumpius the Mighty! Hail Caesar!! Well a federal judge in Seattle appointed by Bush as stopped that order in its tracks but Caesar assures us he will appeal the decision and his ban will proceed forward. Of course there have already been protests galore around the world over this little move and I’m sure they will continue along with law suits and even MORE federal judges issuing injunctions and rulings on the ban. I mean after all we all know that if you look long enough you can find a federal judge that will rule in your favor in just about ANYTHING, right? Oh and that little matter of terrorists trying to enter the US from Syria, Libya, Somalia, or Iran? Ha! Who in the hell really cares about national security anywho, no?

Lastly and thirdly although I’m sure not finally…..say what?…….is the newest possible SHOWDOWN and that would be IRAN. You know that Mid Eastern country rules with an iron yoke around their citizens necks by a pack of crazed Ayatollahs with RABIES! Nutty than a bunch of fruit cakes on Xmas day in fact!! They tested a missile and Trump immediately called them out telling them they violated UN sanctions against them so he imposed even MORE sanctions against them! And the Ayatollahs response? Why they fired yet ANOTHER missile in DEVIANCE! That’s right! You read that correctly! Those crazed Ayatollahs shot off yet another missile in deviance of Trumpius Caesar and gave him the middle finger!! Can you believe that? Who do they think they’re messing with anyhow? This little jewel keeps escalating and I foresee WAR and possibly WORLD WAR 3! But, hey, thank the gods Trumpius Caesar is at our helm.

Any one of these 3 issues has the potential to explode into something way beyond what anyone might think. That could range from the 2nd American Civil War to WW3! Trump hasn’t even been in office for a month yet and he’s already upset the global apple cart more than most POTUS do in 4 years. He’s managed to piss off a lot of people from the common Joe and Jane to presidents, kings, and the prime ministers AND with ONE SINGLE PHONE CALL no less! Now that is TALENT!!

I hope NONE of these things happen but the way it looks is that with, literally, each passing day Trump is doing his best not only to “drain the swamp” but he’s pulled the plug on the frickin’ CANAL too!! I see a lot of bravado and machoism and NO diplomacy frankly! I see a whole lot of national affairs being played out on Twitter and a SILENT State Department! I guess Twitter IS the new State Dept. What’s Google? The new CIA?

Here’s the REALLY SCARY thing about Trump and his administration. He’s filled his mussolini1cabinet with people who have NO experience in government for the most part. People who have served as CEO’s (read CORPORATISTS)!! No wonder they moved the global clock up last week placing the world closer to nuclear war than ever before. Trump may have been able to go to and fro in the corporate business world bullying his way around but I think he’s soon to find out that doesn’t fly in the world of politics and global affairs. Let me be frank…..there are some REALLY CRAZED leaders out their leading countries and commanding armies and Iran IS one of them! They aren’t going to be bullied. Neither is Putin nor China. And can you imagine what might happen if he sets off that psychotic killer who is now leader of the Philippines? You know, the guy who likes to throw people out of airplanes without parachutes. I guess that’s how he gets his jollies, no?

I think everyone in America had better do some SERIOUS thinking and quickly folks! America MAY have made a mistake with Trump in the White House. He just might put our nation in a situation that may be far more threatening than the 15th century swordmanhood5 carrying terrorists in Afghanistan. He has no experience in politics. He’s filled his cabinet with people who have no experience in politics. He’s using his family and their spouses as his advisers even though NOTHING I see qualifies them to act in such a position! Trump and his clan might be business savvy but in terms of politics I’m starting to thing they have no savvy at all. THAT good spell the end of America as we know it.


One response to “The Coming Trump SHOWDOWN! Pick one…..

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Better than BHO ever was, but, the WH pulled my petition from the index and pigeonholed it, so I know, that Trump will never do the right thing with Constitutional Carry. His handlers trained him to dance on his hind legs like a French poodle. I have no use for the guy.

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