THE WALL: Do we really need it?


President Trump continues to push his “border wall” pissing off Mexico and the whole lot of liberals in the states and now many people across the country have a growing concern about his proposed 20% tax on Mexican imports to be used to pay for the monstrosity. The REAL question is if the wall is really needed or not. How about this instead………….

How about letting the US Border Patrol DO THEIR JOB?

Obama placed several restrictions on the USBP such as his worthless “catch and release” policy. If Trump would ax many of the restrictions Obama imposed on the USBP we wouldn’t need THE WALL.

Obama liked imposing restrictions not only on the USBP but also on our soldiers in Afghanistan. Anyone recall when Obama imposed new “Rules of Engagement” on our soldiers in Afghanistan making it virtually impossible for them to fight the Taliban?

Lifting the restrictions on the USBP would be cheaper than building THE WALL. He also would not have to figure out a way to pay for it as Mexico certainly is not going to pay for it. Lifting the restrictions would solve a lot of problems when it comes to catching people coming across the border illegally. Of course, Trump has already authorized beefing up the USBP by hiring more agents but unless the Obama restrictions are lifted the USBP will still find it difficult to do the job they were hired to do.  Additionally, by doing this instead of building the wall products coming out of Mexico into the use wouldn’t see big price hikes and that includes not only produce and other food items but also automobiles, automotive parts, and electronic goods etc.  Finally, the wall isn’t really going to stop these people from crossing our borders as the parts of it that Bush put up are tunneled under regularly or illegals find other ways to go around it.  The Wall is a WASTE of taxpayer money!


One response to “THE WALL: Do we really need it?

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    Rather than a wall, Constitutional Carry, solves the problem. The US Border Patrol, worked for a century until BHO and the congressional idiots, meddled. The open border, has been a tradition since Pizarro set foot on the continent, in search of gold. The lore of the wild west, and the availability south of the border of lax laws sent many in search of women and gambling. They all carried guns. None felt threatened by the other.

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