Time for a Purge!

Commentary by Monomakh………..

It is no secret that the Communists Marxists are well entrenched in Washington and that they have been for a long while now. They are in the halls of government, education, and the media and they are opposing President Trump at every turn sometimes openly and other times covertly. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this president is a president surrounded by enemies and he’d better do something about them quickly.

Rurik4I suggest President Donald Trump wage a purge beginning with the Communist staffers in the White House and moving right down the ladder from there. He and those staffers loyal to him should immediately start identifying who these treasonous Communist staffers are and fire them for insubordination immediately. And if any of them are worthy of criminal charges he should not hesitate one minute to have those staffers arrested and jailed. He should then replace them with people loyal to him and his agenda.

President Trump should then wage this purge throughout the entire government bureaucracy using the same means to rid government of these Communist traitors. This is the only way the American people are going to have their government back. However, the BIGGEST move should initially be against the Jew traitor known as George Soros! This man should be declared an Enemy of the State due to his many subversive and treasonous moves against our republic and his funding of radical Communists groups bent on destroying our republic. Soros collaborated with the Nazi SS as a boy growing up in Hungary. He identified Jewish people to the Nazi SS even though he and his family were Jews themselves! His family changed their surname during that time to cover up the fact that they were also Jews. Soros was born a traitor, has always been a traitor, and will always be a traitor. Trump need to call him on the carpet and make him account for his treasonous activities and jail him and anyone else associated with him in carrying out his crimes against the United States!


Trump then should turn to our colleges that are literally overflowing with Communist patsy’s who have spent decades now indoctrinating our youth in the finer points of Leninism and Marxism while pillaging the pillars of our republic. These professors need to be put on the unemployment line immediately! They think themselves highly intelligent but in fact they are absolutely IGNORANT as they seem to know everything about Communism and Marxism EXCEPT the fact that what typically happens is that the Communists use college professors as “useful idiots” to do their bidding and once the Communists are fully in control they then execute the “useful idiots.” These professors are nothing short of being Enemies of the State and treasonous traitors just like Soros!

Trump should also move to do anything and everything possible to put a stop to judges legislating from the bench. This has been an ongoing problem and miscarriage of justice for decades now. These judges seem to think that their job is to legislate rather than interpret the law! Obviously they do not understand their job and that renders them incompetent to be judges period! It’s time to set them on the unemployment line as well.

manhood4Trump should also begin making moves to marginalize House Speaker Paul Ryan who has done nothing but proven over and over again since being put into the Speakers seat that he has betrayed the people who elected him and the American people in general. Ryan is another John McCain, in that, he is a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Ryan should not only be removed from the speakership but should also be removed from Congress via a recall by the people who elected him in the first place. This man is nothing short of a snake oil salesman who fooled his constituents BIG TIME!

Finally, the American people must STAND UP and FIGHT against the many Communists in this nation and oppose them at every turn! Whenever these traitors protest their must be a counter-protest only larger! Those who support Trump and those who support the continuation of our republic MUST NOT go back into their caves and be silent as NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE SILENT! What these people must realize is that President Trump is up against overwhelming numbers of Communist traitors in our midst and he cannot make America great again without our help and actions! He cannot do it alone, in short.

america-first1Somewhere along the line Trump should work to have Hillary Clinton arrested for not only her email scam and for revealing Top Secret intelligence to unauthorized persons but he should also work for the arrest of former President Barack Hussein Obama who basically spent the past 8 years selling America down the river without a paddle and cow-toeing to radical Muslims who ARE our enemies! Obama during his tenure committed one treasonous act after another and this man needs to be held accountable for those acts along with all of his underlings.

This is how President Trump must begin to “drain the swamp” because right now that swamp is one big NASTY SWAMP! Nothing short of a PURGE will suffice! Yes it is going to be ugly but let me tell you the decades these Communists have spent entrenching themselves has not been pretty either. It’s time to root them out by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY and put them out of commission. It’s time to drive home the message LOUD AND CLEAR that the american people are NOT going to live under COMMUNISM or MARXISM or anything else short of a Democratic Constitutional REPUBLIC!!!

I’m sure the Communists reading this post are thinking “Fascist!” and if that is the new term for someone who wants a continuation of our Constitutional Republic then so be it and YES I am a FASCIST then! I’m certain, however, that my enemies fail to understand the difference between a Republic, Fascism, and Nazism but perhaps one of the USEFUL IDIOTS will explain it to them one fine day or….then maybe not.

I hope President Trump reads this because nothing short of such a purge is going to succeed in draining this NASTY SWAMP. A swamp that has been festering for a long time now and has become putrid beyond belief in my opinion. It’s time to round up the Communist traitors in our midst and let the pieces fall where they may.

In closing, the American people especially MINORITIES in this country had better quickly wake up to the FACT that it is not Trump and his supporters nor is it the Corporatists or Fascists who want to put them into slavery.  It is the COMMUNISTS in our midst who wish to do that.  You need to seriously consider what Barack Hussein Obama did for you over the past 8 years because the answer is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!  Had this first Black POTUS in history truly done ANYTHING for you then you would not be in the same circumstances you were in back in 2008 when this traitor was elected POTUS.



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