CAPTURED! Hitler Look a Like Caught!

Police in Austria have hunted down and arrested Harald Hitler a rather stunning Hitler look a like!  His Hitler looks and impressions have upset the libs in Austria for a week or so now so they went crying to the police.  This little Hitler impersonator has violated the law in Austria where it is illegal to glorify Nazism.  In other words, in Austria today it is illegal to express yourself unless the lib government approves of it.

Adolf & Harald Hitler

Adolf & Harald Hitler

The impersonator is 24 years old and recently moved to the town of Braunau am Inn which is where the real Hitler was born.  He had also been spotted in Vienna and Graz.  He sports the same little mustache as the real Hitler and same haircut while wearing a dark military style uniform.  Now this young man of only 25 years old can thank the Austrian libs and authorities for setting him on a life of crime as I’m sure he’ll learn the ins and outs of the “profession” once they set him in prison.  Of course this shows just how OPPRESSIVE such “progressive” government like Austria’s really are.  They are about as freedom loving as a bat in a cage!

Harald Hitler

Harald Hitler

Of course, Austria wasted no time or effort to find this impostor while continuing to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the flood of Muslim immigrants presently conquering Europe including Austria via “immigration.”  Any time now Austria, Germany, Sweden and all the rest will be praying 5 times per day and facing Mecca as the Muslim majority in Europe is soon to be a fact.  Say good-bye Austria and the rest of Europe!  This is where all of your PC bullshit has gotten you!  What a FOOLISH people the Europeans have been!!

Now….about that Barack Obama look a like roaming the streets of New York with that naked cowboy street corner singer……………….





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