OUT! Gen Michael Flynn Resigns, Trump Surrounded by Enemies of the State!!!

National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn resigned today but maintains he crossed no lines in his discussion with the Russian ambassador to the US. Flynn said ultimately his concerns is with the steady stream of leaks to the MSM of classified information. And indeed he should be and so should we all because this steady stream of leaks to the MSM is proof positive that there are TRAITORS in the White House left over from the Obama Administration who are attempting to circumvent President Trump. They along with the MSM receiving that classified info should be investigated and PROSECUTED immediately and Gen Flynn agrees as does President Trump who is said to be launching an investigation into the sources of the leaks.

Flynn says that in some cases classified info is taken directly off of a classified system and given to a MSM reporter which is a crime! “You call them leaks. It’s a criminal act,” said Flynn. “It’s not just a wink and a nod.” Flynn says he doesn’t know exactly where the leaks originated but said he wonders if they came right out of the National Security Council and/or people in the intel community, the State Dept, or the Defense Dept. How about ALL OF THE ABOVE? We have a pack of COMMUNIST TRAITORS in our midst in this country an they need to be weeded out and prosecuted for TREASON! And while he’s at it President Trump can go right ahead and investigate, prosecute, and imprison Hillary Rodham Clinton for her sharing of classified intel in her emails!! It the old strategy of taking out the head and the underlings will scatter and hide. My suspicion is that the steady stream of leaks Flynn is referring to is coming right out of the US State Dept and the National Security Council and the investigation needs to start there.

I tend to agree with infowars.com reporter and editor Paul Joseph Watson who today reported that the Military-Industrial Complex wanted Flynn our as they are attempting to sabotage the Trump presidency at every turn.  Watson says that Flynn resignation is part of an on-going effort by the MIC to re-assert control over foreign policy.  Frankly, I’d modify the MIC to the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex (MIBC) because that is what it is and it is the very thing that both President Dwight D Eisenhower and JFK warned us about long ago.  But, as usual, We The People paid no attention in our MISTAKEN thinking “oh that can’t happen in America.”  Well guess what?  IT HAS AND IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA!

Flynn is said to have had a conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in December and the MSM took this conversation and SPUN IT into a conspiracy theory that Russia hacked the elections and that is why Trump won and their dear old Hillary lost!  Never mind the FACT that Clinton and the DNC FAILED to connect with the working poor in this country and never considered that their platform was TOO RADICAL for MOST people.  In fact, MOST people in this country are sick and tired of the COMMUNIST LEFTIST AGENDA and the play on the TRAITOR Saul Alinsky who wrote Hillary and Obama’s “bible” entitled “Rules for Radicals.”  Obama did not know Alinsky BUT Hillary Clinton did and she reportedly “worshiped at his feet.”  These very Radical Leftists are NOW in process of committing acts of HIGH TREASON AND FELONIES and they need to be rounded up and imprisoned by President Trump!  For far too long they have controlled things in Washington and now that the outsider Trump is POTUS they feel threatened that they will lose their stolen power and that is what they fear most as does their leader named George Soros!!!

As Watson goes on to say Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador was merely an excuse for the Neo-cons and Communists  neo-Libs from BOTH parties shared desire to begin undermining the Trump presidency.  They wanted General Flynn gone from the very beginning and made no secret about it and I fully agree with Watson in that this WAS a DEEP STATE COUP.  Flynn’s meeting was merely his exercising his duty as the incoming National Security Adviser via communicating with a prominent foreign representative.  But, the MSM and the now HIGHLY POLITICAL AND SUBVERSIVE CIA and intel community said Flynn had violated the Logan Act.  That allegation is shaky at best as Watson points out.  The Logan Act is intended to prevent private citizens from manipulating foreign affairs without permission of the US government.  This law harkens back to 1798 at which time a Pennsylvania State Legislator named George Logan took it upon himself to go to France and attempt to broker a peace deal amid rising tensions between the US an France over debts.  Logan’s efforts were successful  and inflamed the Federalist Party which was trying to push war with France over the debts.  So the Federalist Party got the Logan Act passed into law to prevent other US citizens from doing what Logan did.  You see…even back then America had its Neo-Cons bent on war at all costs for any reason!

President Trump is the outsider in the HORNET’S NEST known as Washington DC.  He’s trying to “drain the swamp” while the Swamp is now attempting to fill itself up!  He is surrounded by TRAITORS and the only way to deal effectively with these people is to begin investigating them and imprisoning them for TREASON!  He’s not going to get anywhere until he does and in my opinion Speaker Paul Ryan knows this and this is what the consistent snicker on his face is about.  Have you noticed that?  Ryan is a RHINO like McCain.

The American people and the world are now beginning to see just how far and how deep these traitors are entrenched in the halls of government.  But what you need to realize is that these traitors have been entrenching themselves into government for the past 50+ years ever since their lackeys murdered President John F. Kennedy in cold blood in Dallas, Texas!  For far, far too long the American people have turned the other way to this treason and now it is so well entrenched that Trump is going to need a literal army of prosecutors to sniff these people out and bring them to justice and imprisonment.  This nation is ALMOST lost and the American people of ALL races had better join together and support Trump before all is lost forever!!  The Communist Leftist plan has always been to destroy America form the inside out and it never has been about military conquest.  These traitors are far along in their destruction of our country, our society, and our people!  These traitors MUST be rooted out period and they just are not in government but they are also in our education system, media, and every other institution in America.  One way for Trump to put these traitor on the run is to order the immediate arrest of George Soros and Hillary Clinton along with Barack Obama.  These 3 traitors are the kingpins in this I believe.

Trump needs to clean house in the White House and anywhere else he can because right now he’s got a lot of enemies near him who are bent on destroying his presidency and intentions by any means necessary I’m sure.  It’s time to SINK the swamp back to the CESSPOOL these people crawled out of!!







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