Enormous Lake of Magma Under Western US!

Scientists have now been shocked by their latest discovery! They have discovered a huge lake of molten carbon under the western US that has the potential to spell disaster for the entire planet if ever it is released!  Below is a map showing where researchers found the molten carbon underground.


Using an array of seismic sensors researchers have mapped a deep Earth area covering 700,000 sq miles (1.8 million sq km) which is roughly the size of the entire nation of Mexico. Researchers say this discovery could change their understanding of how much carbon the Earth contains which is obviously more than they thought.

The study was conducted by geologists at the University of London and headed by Royal Holloway. The molten lake is estimated to be about 217 miles (350 km) beneath the Earth’s surface. This molten carbon will eventually someday make its way to the planet’s surface but scientists assure us it won’t happen anytime soon 🙂
Ah…..that would be as long as the Yellowstone Super Volcano doesn’t blow! That super volcano blew about 640,000 years ago and brought about a nuclear winter and devastation all over the US.

For more details see the following:



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