Trump’s BIG Ego vs the MSM’s GOD Complex


It’s a battle Royale!  Winner take all!!

Since last November 8 when Trump was declared POTUS there has been an ongoing war between Trump and the MSM. It’s a war between a far overblown ego and a delusional God complex! The hatred for both towards each other is more than apparent. Thinking “childish” perhaps? YOU BET! Both need to grow the hell up instead of whining like spanked babes!! Oh but hey….the world is enjoying this little spat and laughing in our faces all the way! How’s that make you feel as an American? With this kind of crap going on how can we expect anyone to respect us as a nation or people. In fact, this is one of the most unprofessional shows I’ve ever seen in my life!!

Read the full story at:


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