Day Without Immigrants is TODAY!

You might not know it but today is the “Day Without Immigrants.” Today immigrants legal or illegal are encouraged not to go to work, not to open their businesses, not to buy anything online or in stores, not to eat out, not to go to school, not to let their kids go to school. It is tagged as a day of unity, a show of force, to drive home the message that without immigrants legal or illegal this country “will stand still.” So spread the word and STAY HOME!

Of course one little drawback is that if you don’t go to work and your employer knows what today is they will likely identify you as an illegal immigrant which could cause problems for you but don’t let a little thing like that stop you 🙂

We’ll be on the lookout today for the many landscapers and plumbers in our neighborhood and should we find any working we will interview them and ask them if they know what day it is and why they chose to go to work instead. We’ll keep you undated with these interviews here…..that is if we can actually find some illegals working today :O


For further details go to:


We caught two landscapers right off the bat this morning!


This is Jose.  He is a landscaper.  He says he has a green card which may or may not be true because he would not show it to us.  When asked why he didn’t stay home today and not work he told us it is because he has to support his family.  When we asked him if he knew that today is a “Day Without Immigrants” he said he had no idea it was.  When we told him he was not supposed to work or shop today he just laughed at us and said we are “Loco.”  VIVA LA LOCO!!


This is Enrique.  He is from Hermosillo.  He would not tell us if he was here legally or illegally but he did ask us if we were the Border Patrol.  We told him we were not and asked him is he knew what day was today.  He said he did not.  We told him about the “Day Without Immigrants” and asked him why he was working today.  He too said he has to support his family and cannot miss a day of work.  He asked us who came up with this idea and we told him.  He said he’d participate in the stay at home day IF the people who organized the movement pay his bills for today!  This guy was comical and great!  VIVA LA ENRIQUE!!!



4 responses to “Day Without Immigrants is TODAY!

  1. I can understand their concern but, if my non-union workers walked out as a job action, I would fire them. If union workers walk out in violation of a collective bargaining agreement, such as a stipulation about walking off the job, they too, can be legally fired.
    Then they cannot collect unemployment or welfare. Their children suffer.

    Why not a new twist, with an old flavor? Something like, “We are Hispanic/Immigrant, and we want to be, Americans.”

    Impress their contributions to the nation. From the seamstress to the surgeon, and everything in between. A commercial can go like, “When people ask what I am, I say, ‘I am, an American’.”

    • How about a “Day Without Whitie”? Say May 1st? Close this nation down for a day and I’m sure Trump will even get in on it 🙂

      • Depends on interpretation of White, because while some believe only northern Europeans, it was originally anyone who had roots or connection to Rome. My ancestor took over Julius Caesar’s Tenth Roman Legion, as he was a four star general (rank created by Julius 300 years earlier), and tenth, always had Ninth Legion, named Espana, on it’s flank. Spaniards were terrific fighters. When the New World, was settled, the first shipload did have criminals who received absolution because nobody knew if sea monsters would get them or if the boat would fall off the edge of the world, but soon thereafter, when it was found that cannibals were in the New World, Spain put out word that it would give land if skilled people settled in the New World. Only a tough, robust people would do. So who did Spain call on? The bloodlines of Ninth Roman Legion, because toughness is in the bloodlines (they did not then know of sissy Obama and metrosexual patos). That means that, every person Hispanic in the New World, technically, is, White. Roots in Rome, and after Sicilian (the closest language to Latin, and not a dialect, per the NY Times), the romance language anchors Hispanics to, Rome. Centuries, there are mixes, but about 99% of people over the centuries, have had some kind of mix involved, unless they stayed in the same village forever, then inbred issues arose, being birth defects. New blood, was recognized by the Turks, who would raid Italy for women and males for field slaves, because inbreeding caused problems, and the male slaves, had to sexually perform with Turkish women to produce families without Turkish blood issues. That means differences are cultural, regardless if Turk, or Hispanic. Which leads to something else that I was told by a Cherokee elder. We, are born on Native American soil. If one or more generations are born on the land, then we all, belong to the Native American Indian tribes. So, things, compound. When the Celts were driven out of Gaul by my ancestor, they were cannibals. That is what caused the problems. The Imperial Roman Army followed and chased the Celts to today’s Scotland. On the way, Londinium was settled by Romans. Bloodlines mixed. The English took up Roman way of life because they liked it, as did the Argiles, today’s Irish. Wales, when Prince Charles claims ancestry to me, my ancestor had 31 concubines. Romans mixed with all those people and, the navy of the Roman army, went east to settle in northern Germany, particularly Bremen.
        Get the picture? Everyone, is connected. Differences are cultural. Differences are for desire of cooler weather because, fewer snakes, fewer deadly creatures associated with hot climates.
        A day without Whitie. Actually, I like it. I can stay home and maybe work at this keyboard, but.., I do that, every day.

  2. Spain is a part of Europe and Spaniard are not Mexicans. Spain is where my bloodline comes from primarily the Basque region. The Cherokee elder was right and I’ve heard the same thing from the Navajo and Hopi. The reason I suggested the Mar 1 day is we have a “day without Immigrants” and next month a “day without women.” So why not have a day without Whites? Let’s really close this country down for a day. Besides everyone needs a good day off around May 1 anyway.

    Thank you for the history which is very interesting. Cassius was a great grandfather of mine btw and he was a Roman. When it comes down to it we are all Heinz 57 mixes and there are no pure bloods anymore. I guess that’s why they call us Earthlings the “Mutt People” 🙂

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