2 comments on “How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem Cheaply and Simply

  1. Rounding people up is easy, but then what? People feared FEMA detention camps, and now use them against a trembling population? What happens then, a Trail of Tears? Forced marching, but to where? It’s too simplistic to say that every one, comes from Mexico. What if Mexico doesn’t want them or if Mexico wants to vette all of them, then what? Push them onto Canada? A commercial jet air force would be needed that flies all over the globe to be the taxi jet service.
    The most reasonable and cost effective way of dealing with the situation is to halt all immigration and register the illegals. Then, an executive order to authorize Constitutional Carry. Why? Because nobody wants to hurt you, and you don’t want to hurt anybody. The fear mongering ends. Next, give the illegals a pathway to citizenship but, the official language of America becomes English, as in American English. Why? Because everybody wants to assimilate. They want to be, Americans. Whether their leanings politically are right or left, is of consequence to themselves because they will pay taxes and bear the burden of their own ballot casting stupidity. A wall, is insane. Fear mongering, is worse.

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