Prime Example of FAKE NEWS! National Guard NOT Rounding up Illegals!!!!


The Associated Press this morning reported that the Trump administration was considering using National Guardsmen to round out the 26 million illegals in the country. Later in the day the WH said there was NO SUCH PLAN! Come to find out it was simply no more than a brainstorm idea in DHS that Trump and the WH knew nothing about. How why should they as it was a brainstorming idea, just talk, nothing more?

Yet the MSM spun the story this morning as if it was a done deal setting off outrage across the nation and more fear-mongering among illegal immigrants. This is a prime example of what President Trump has been calling “fake news.” The MSM catches wind of something and spins it to the point of being out of control even though their reports have little to no factual basis at all.

WH press secretary Spicer told reporters “There is NO effort at all to…utilize the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants. This is 100% NOT TRUE.” The memo proposing the idea has been circulating in the DHS for the last 2 weeks come to find out! The AP report said the memo was meant to be guidance to implementing Trump’s executive order regarding illegal immigration signed last Jan 25th. Turns out that was NOT TRUE! A DHS spokesperson said the memo was a very early version of a draft being prepared for DHS Secretary John Kelly and discussion of using the National Guard was DROPPED BEFORE the memo ever made it to Kelly!

And here once again someone in the administration took it upon themselves to “leak” the memo to the media in order to cause an uproar. Whoever this leaker is they need to be identified and terminated and prosecuted. President Trump is going to have to start hunting down these leakers, prosecuting them, and making examples out of them to prevent further leaks. No doubt the leaker is an Obama-Clinton supporter!

So what started out as a brainstorm idea for discussion but was quickly axed was “leaked” to the MSM who then spun a story as if it were true when in fact it was NOT TRUE! And this is what the President is calling “fake news” and he’s absolutely correct. It is FAKE NEWS (PROPAGANDA)! And we’ve seen this pattern with the MSM over and over ever since Trump entered the WH. The God Complex of the MSM is absolutely astounding! They are NOT reliable and they most certainly do NOT report “fair and balanced.” In fact, their reporting is biased to the extreme and rather than reporting NEWS what they are doing is employee leftist tactics from Saul Alinsky and attempting to create a crisis where there is no crisis! This is why NO ONE listens to them anymore and why MOST people now turn to alternative news for their news! And the MSM can’t stand that because they know they are a dying breed taking their LAST GASP!!

It’s no secret the MSM hates President Trump and they are still whining over the loss of their leftist gal Hillary Clinton whom the MSM was so sure would win. She didn’t! Now the MSM is engaged in an ongoing tantrum! The MSM is now nothing short of out of control. Freedom of the Press exists in this nation but when it borders on sedition and treason it’s time to reign that freedom in. Our Constitution does NOT guarantee your freedoms are unlimited! READ IT!

BTW the President waged his own firestorm against the MSM today by tweeting, “The FAKE NEWS media is not my enemy. It is the enemy of the American People!”  He could not be more correct!  The MSM is filled with radical leftists, Communists, and Marxist who would enjoy nothing more than seeing the complete destruction of America and American society!!  And they make no secret about it.  They spit on our morals and values continuously, they think our Constitution is irrelevant, and now they are attempting to divide this nation even more than it is divided already!  They are IMO Enemies of the State!!



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