Trump Says He Inherited a Mess

Commentary by Monomakh:—–

Yesterday President Trump held a press conference and said he inherited a mess both domestically and internationally. He also said the MSM is reporting just the opposite of what the facts are when it come to his administration. I absolutely agree with him!

Rurik4Barack Obama made a complete mess of things both domestically and internationally. He did very little when it comes to unemployment and he seemed happy with US companies moving jobs overseas. He seems to have done everything he could to divide the American people along any lines but primarily along racial lines. He employed many of the Communist Leftist strategies from Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for Radical” with the most used concept being where there is no crisis, create one! Internationally, Obama and his administration were a complete DISASTER! He destabilized the Middle East by removing Khadafi from Libya who was controllable and turned Libya into a nation of chaos with the full support of then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. He seemed to be an amateur when it came to fighting ISIS and, in fact, I think he aloud ISIS to grow intentionally. I think Obama had a pro-radical Muslim ideology and he had a hatred for America! I thought back in 2008 that Obama would turn out to be possibly the greatest POTUS in history by uniting the American people as never before. Instead he did just the opposite! He drove up the deficit to unimaginable debt and seems to have thought nothing of it. He lied to us when it came to Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act in which there is NOTHING affordable about it at all now. Medical insurance premiums are outrageous! Obama made a complete mess of this nation in more ways than one.

And all this Donald Trump inherited! He’s right! He DID inherit a mess!! Barack Obama’s mess!!!

As for the MSM most of the people in the MSM are liberal leftists with an agenda. They claim to be journalists not reporters but they also envision themselves as seld proclaimed social engineers seeking to constantly engineer American opinion. They appear to support anything and everything that goes against our morals and values and no matter how SICK it is we are suppose to accept whatever it is! They claim it takes a village to raise a child when in fact all it takes is two RESPONSIBLE parents LIVING IN THE HOME! The village can go get screwed!

The MSM constantly looks for ratings and drama. They see their news programs as “shows” and indeed they are SHOWS. Shows in leftist ideology and shows that turn ant hills into mountains! They have been caught more than once outright lying to the American people and they feel no shame. The American people NO LONGER believe the MSM because the FACTS is the MAJORITY of the American people DO NOT share the opinions and values of the MSM!

Our schools have become nothing more than indoctrination centers in which the leftists can brainwash our children into being “useful idiots” so that the leftist agenda can be pressed forward. Traditional morals and values are trashed, our teachers and professors trash our history, and they put forth the message that if you were born male you should be ashamed and if you are born white you should be ashamed. This is SEXISM and RACISM being taught in our schools and universities and the leftist teaches and professors need to be weeded out period! Education is suppose to be about learning NOT about political indoctrination!!!

President Trump inherited from Obama an America MORE divided than ever before and we can thank Barack Hussein Obama for that! I truly believe Obama and Clinton and the Democrats in general were on a mission to destroy our nation and our society and they did a pretty good damned job at it in 8 years! Now Trump is left to pick up the pieces and put it all back together again which, frankly, I think may be an impossible task. If not then most certainly he will spend the next 4 years trying to put it back together again.

Being the first black POTUS in history I thought Obama would do something significant for Black Americans.  I waited and waited and waited and realized that Obama did NOTHING for Black America!  In fact, Black Americans today are WORSE off than they were 8 years ago and you can thank BARACK OBAMA for that Black America!!!  The MSM keeps comparing Trump to Obama and throwing up Hillary Clinton in our face every chance they get and frankly the MSM need to GET OVER IT ALREADY!  It used to be that Americans got behind a new POTUS no matter who he was or what party he belonged to in a show of unity.  Instead now the MSM has done everything they can to prevent that from happening which shows more than ever just how greatly our nation and people are divided and you can thank the MSM for that too!  Their leftist leader Obama is OUT and they thought for certain their new leftist leader Hillary would be in.  They got the SHOCK of their lives when Trump won!  Never in their wildest dreams did they think that would happen as the MSM was so self confident that they thought they had surely brainwashed America into making Hillary the next POTUS.  They were obviously WRONG and the MSM doesn’t like it one bit.

Further, Obama used the MSM as a propaganda tool and it worked amazingly well.  He and the Dems are still using them for the same purpose only this time the MSM is being used to subvert anything and everything Trump does. Again we see the old Saul Alinsky tactic being used by the MSM….”Where there is no crisis, create one”…..and the MSM has been trying to create a crisis since Trump won the election this past November.  I think it is high time our government start enforcing the treason and sedition laws!

For President Trump to say he inherited a mess is pretty much an understatement.  The American people need to get behind him, pray for him, and support him!  He’s going to need all of us helping him to put this nation back together again and if he doesn’t do that I have a very STRONG feeling we will soon be a nation and a people of the past.   Get a clue America!



One response to “Trump Says He Inherited a Mess

  1. Messes, have been the legacy of a few presidents of late, and throughout America’s history, spotted over centuries if people want to get down to brass tacks.
    Of late, Bill Clinton, had a few messes but is the only president in history, who left America financially better off than any other president. Bush #43, started spending like a drunk. He also pushed war, and corporations friendly to him or associated with him, profited. Obama did leave a mess but was financially incompetent, to begin with, and pushed an anti-America agenda. So, the point becomes, all these presidents, were candidates who stumped for the job, and they got their wish, only to be saddled with something or other, that was/is, unpleasant. It would take years of austerity, and then that sitting president, would be cast as a villain.

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