One comment on “Trump Says He Inherited a Mess

  1. Messes, have been the legacy of a few presidents of late, and throughout America’s history, spotted over centuries if people want to get down to brass tacks.
    Of late, Bill Clinton, had a few messes but is the only president in history, who left America financially better off than any other president. Bush #43, started spending like a drunk. He also pushed war, and corporations friendly to him or associated with him, profited. Obama did leave a mess but was financially incompetent, to begin with, and pushed an anti-America agenda. So, the point becomes, all these presidents, were candidates who stumped for the job, and they got their wish, only to be saddled with something or other, that was/is, unpleasant. It would take years of austerity, and then that sitting president, would be cast as a villain.

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