Trump More Trusted than MSM

Despite the PROPAGANDA you might be hearing from the MSM a new poll conducted by FOX NEWS reveals that the Trump Administration is more trusted that the leftist MSM. Participants were asked, “Who do you trust more to tell the truth, the Trump Administration or the reporters who cover the administration?”.

45% of the participants said they trust the Trump Admin more than the MSM to tell the truth while 42% said they trust the MSM more. Obviously 42% of the participants are lost in time and lost in space and have been effectively brainwashed by the Communist Leftist propaganda put out by the MSM and its god complex.

The poll consisted of 1013 participants who are registered voters and was conducted via telephone interviews. There is a margin of error of 3%.

This past Friday during a press conference the President described the MSM as putting out FAKE NEWS (ie: Propaganda) and said it is the “enemy of the people with their own agenda.” And indeed the MSM DOES have its own agenda. And that agenda is nothing short of a radical leftist ideology designed to rip apart American society by any means possible especially RACE! The MSM hasn’t missed one opportunity to EXPLOIT race or racial divisions in this country.

trump-caesarAmid all this along comes the RINO known as Senator John McCain who is attending a meeting in Europe and if you think this guy can keep his mouth shut think again! McCain let it be known very publicly that he thinks the Trump WH is in disarray making it clear whose side McCain is on and that would be the Leftists side! What is absolutely shocking about this man is that he’s even still in the US Senate. One would think the conservative majority in Arizona would have canned his ass by now. Do the conservatives in Arizona not realize McShame is a RINO (no that is not a spelling error).

McShame also spouted that he has “concerns” about President Trump’s conflict with the MSM and said trying to control the media is the first sign of dictatorship! Now this is absolutely laughable Senator McCain! President Trump is NOT attempting to control the media. What he is doing is attempting to get them to report the TRUTH instead of SPIN and PROPAGANDA! McShame seems to have a problem with that so I guess he likes the spin and FAKE NEWS routine. McCain needs to retire. He also needs to learn to get behind the POTUS instead of attempting to foster more division in this country. He might be a war hero (he was a POW) but he is a shame to the Arizona conservative voters IMO. He is, after all, a Republican In Name Only (RINO) and has been for decades now!



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