Border Patrol Directed to Enforce Immigration Laws! Catch and Release Policy Ended!!

The Trump Administration is working on a new Executive Order as a revision to his first order regarding the travel ban from terror supporting countries. The new order is said to continue to bar refugees from terror hotspots and bolster enforcement in the US of current immigration laws. The new order will effectively nullify a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opposing the first order.

border1The new order is said to temporarily ban refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya (as the previous one did) and it should be noted that these countries are the SAME SELECTED BY OBAMA’s recommendations. The new order will allow Green Card holders from 7 nations to travel in and out of the US. People in transit with Visas will not be detained and sent home. Refugees claiming religious persecution such as Christians under genocide in the above noted countries will NOT receive special consideration. The White House said the new order should be expected by the end of this week.

In another development Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly today removed the “handcuffs” from the US Border Patrol put on them by the Obama administration in the form of “catch and release” and other restrictions.

In a directive issued by Kelly today he lifted MOST of the restrictions placed on the USBP by Obama and he ordered Border Agents to expand their efforts to enforce laws against illegal border crossers. The directive was in the form of a memo.

Obama’s “catch and release” policy is legally known as the “Priority Enforcement Program” (PEP) which Obama put into place in November of 2014. The directive leaves Obama’s policy in place pertaining to children brought to the US illegally by their parents (known as Dreamers). In his directive Kelly said, “Except as specifically noted above the department no longer will exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement.” He also said, “Department personnel should take enforcement actions in accordance with applicable law.”

Kelly also ordered the immediate hiring of 5000 additional border agents and 500 ICE agents.  He said  Customs and Border Protection does not have enough agents to detect and to effectively detect, track, and apprehend all aliens illegally in the US.

When Obama put his “catch and release policy” into effect agents were only allowed to catch illegals, release them, and hand them a notice to appear in court.  Of course most did not appear!

“A country has a duty and obligation to secure its border.  That didn’t change because Obama was the president.  We are back to the rule of law now,” said Jackson County Sheriff (TX) Andy Louderback.  The USBP expressed pleasure with Kelly’s new directive as did several county sheriff’s in border states.

“Policies that facilitate the release of removable aliens apprehended at and between the ports of entry, which allow them to abscond and fail to appear at their removal hearings undermine the border security mission,” Kelly said. “Such policies collectively referred to as “catch and release” shall end.”

As I’ve said before, we don’t need any more laws, we don’t need a border wall (although I understand today another directive ordered it built), all we need to do is enforce current law.  Finally the USBP is going to be allowed to do their jobs again!  I’m also assuming Kelly’s directive ends the absolutely ignorant DHS policy set in place by former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano that ordered border agents to shoot bean bag rounds before they used live ammo.  That’s what got USBP agent Brian Terry killed a few years ago!  He was following that directive and firing bean bags while the illegals were firing back at him with AR15’s.  That’s like bringing a sling shot to a tank fight, frankly!



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