300 Scientists Demand US Leave UN!!

UN bugged

The most corrupt criminal org on the planet!  UN headquarters NYC!

300 scientists have signed a petition sent to President Trump asking him to pull the US out of the UN and the UN’s global warming campaign. The letter says, according to a story appearing in The Hill, that since 2009 the US and other governments have taken actions against global warming that are NOT SCIENTIFICALLY justified and that already have and will keep causing serious social and economic harm with NO environmental benefits.

In the letter the scientists point out that CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT and to the contrary there is clear evidence that it is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plant life. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for plants! Plants breath out oxygen as they breath in CO2. Without CO2 there would be no plant life on Earth!

This letter is just the most recent effort to get the US out of the corrupt criminal body known as the UN (United Nations) and to remove the organization from US soil. IF the US leaves the UN it would mean no more taxpayer money would be going to the UN. The US supplies about 22% of the UN’s budget which is more than any other nation. The scientists also said that contrary to what is put forth by global warming proponents CO2 does NOT cause the harm they allege.

President Trump has previously promised to remove the US from the UN. The report says climate discussions are POLITICAL DISCUSSION and NOT scientific discussions! In other words it’s a POLITICAL not an environmental agenda. In fact, some proponents have come right out and said global warming is not about science but about the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor nations via carbon taxes. Some have also said that the real agenda behind global warming is the demise of the US and capitalism and replacement with a Marxist economy and one world leftist government (read the UN)! So why are American taxpayers footing the bill for the UN? Kick their asses out of NYC, stop funding them, and let’s use the money saved to HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE! It is a well known FACT that the UN is nothing but a criminal and global drug running operation! It has strayed very far from what it was created to be originally!!

YOU can sign a petition to President Trump yourself urging him to get us out of the UN at:






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