On Global Warming aka Climate Change

detronedAfter Climategate the left began using a new term known as “climate change” more than using “global warming.” Scientists were caught outright lying about global temps and going back and changing temps so that they appeared to “prove” global warming. And more recently we had NOAA and NASA caught red-handed lying about temps in central Africa claiming they were hotter than ever even though neither has temp gauges there and residents who actually live there say it is not warmer than usual. Then, of course, there are the admissions by several global warming proponents outright stating that global warming is a POLITICAL agenda and really has nothing to do with global warming at all. Rather, they have stated, it’s about overthrowing Capitalism and a redistribution of wealth from rich nations to poor nations! Well at least they admit the truth and admit they are pushing a leftist Communist political agenda rather than science!

And let us not forget the scientists and proponents who want to develop a pill to give to people who oppose the global warming theory and others who want nations to throw people in jail for not believing in the global warming theory. And here is the crux of the matter…..

If global warming is really based on verifiable science then why do we need to throw people in jail who don’t believe it? Wouldn’t the scientific facts speak for themselves?Sure they would. BUT, if global warming is a leftist political agenda geared towards the destruction of Capitalism then, yes, we would need to throw people who disbelieve in jail because they oppose the global Communist party line!

Sorry but from all I’ve seen so far over the years I have to agree. Global warming has little to do with actual science and a lot to do with outright lies, fraud, and a leftist political agenda aimed at the destruction of Capitalism, the arch-enemy of Communism and Marxism. Thus, no one in their right mind could believe global warming is true science and due to the lies, fraud, and fudging of data I’d say this is why MOST people do NOT believe in global warming! Had proponents of global warming been honest and reputable then it would be another story but they haven’t been and this is why MOST people aren’t buying it.

I got an email from a proponent of global warming a few days ago informing me that global warming started about 12,000 years ago which is when our present geological period known as the Holocene began. In that email he attributed this warming and the start of the Holocene to man-made global warming! WTF? And this guy has a PhD in Climate Science (so he claims)? Where did he get it from? Crackerjack University?

I emailed him back asking him if I was understanding him correctly and assuming I am I asked him, “Are you telling me that the reason for the end of the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago is attributed to human caused global warming? And are you telling me that MAYBE a million people back them (a couple of million at most) are the cause of this Holocene warming period?” I’m assuming this guy knows that 12,000 years ago there were nowhere near the 7 billion people on planet Earth as we have today….or……maybe not.

This “expert on climate change” (as he identifies himself) has not emailed me back yet but if he does I’ll let you know. I assume he has no intention of doing so. Sorry but I do NOT believe that 12,000 years ago the human population of a few million brought about the end of the last Ice Age and caused “global warming” that began back then. One thing I can say is THANK GOD if they did because otherwise we’d all STILL be living in an Ice Age! I happen to see the Holocene as a BLESSING not a curse but I guess this guy sees it differently. We’ll see how well he does when the ice DOES return.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m 100% certain that CLIMATE CHANGE is REAL and it IS happening NOW! How can I be so certain? Because the SCIENTIFIC FACT is climate is changing all of the time on this planet. Sometimes little by little and sometimes in some very BIG ways. Nothing is stagnant on our planet and that includes climate! I also agree that each of us needs to do our part to help keep our environment clean and safe so the human species and all other species on this planet can continue to live. We all should work to conserve energy and recycle and we need to research and employ alternative energies that are more climate friendly rather than climate destructive. We need to do this not only to help our environment but help ourselves. I do NOT support pillaging the planet and poisoning our environment and no one in their right mind should!

The end goal of this political agenda under the guise of “science” is the instituting of carbon taxes which is the “action plan” for a global redistribution of wealth. The next step on the agenda is global government preferably under the jackboot of that most CORRUPT org on the planet known as the United Nations. Enslavement of humanity comes next btw! Until the global warming proponents get off the POLITICAL bandwagon and start showing some concrete PROOF that the climate is warming to alarming levels I won’t believe them. Until they stop lying and fudging the data I won’t believe them. I want REAL science that is verifiable here and NOT some half-baked mix of JUNK SCIENCE AND POLITICS! Frankly, I think this is how MOST people feel about it so it’s no wonder we aren’t buying it.

Take a look at some of the posts on the site below regarding global warming data. Some of them are shocking! Consider it an “education” in the truth for once.




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