The Modern Islamic Conquest of Spain

Two ways to conquer a country or region.  (1) Open War, (2) Massive immigration.  The Muslims finally figured out not only how to reconquer Spain but the whole of Europe via massive immigration.  I’m surprised the Spanish and European generals haven’t yet figured out what is happening.  Or do they have any REAL soldiers left?  Doubtful!  Get ready Spain!  This IS the 2nd Islamic Conquest and very soon the 2nd Emirate will be declared.  Franco is turning in his grave!  What in the hell is wrong with the Spaniards now????


Originally posted on Remember The 14 Words : ? 14,094 North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans invaded Spain in 2016, a figure nearly 4,000 larger than the Moorish army which invaded that country in 711 A.D., it has emerged. The 711 invasion led to an 800-year Muslim occupation of Iberia. Continued -?

via Spain: The Return of the Moorish Invasion — Brittius


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