Looney Tune in N. Korea Kills Again!

It seems that the looney tune presiding over North Korea has killed yet again. Reports coming out of the closed backward state ruled by Kim Jong Un say that he ordered the execution of no less than 5 security officials for false reporting.

And how did this nut have the 5 security officials killed, you might ask?

Why by anti-aircraft guns!


WTF? Can you believe this looney tune? Anti-aircraft gun? You mean a simple pistol wouldn’t have done the job? Or you mean poison darts wouldn’t have done the job effectively? I guess Kim wanted to make sure these 5 security officials were dead… dead….dead.

This comes on the heals of this nut sacks half brother being assassinated by poison last week in a Malaysian airport. South Korea’s intelligence agency reported that none other than Kim Jony Un ordered his half brother Kim Jong Nam killed! Of course North Korea and their looney tune leader deny these reports but I couldn’t help notice that when Malaysian authorities apprehended the assassins North Korea called for their immediate release! Now isn’t that odd? Why in the world would North Korea want these assassins released and not brought to justice UNLESS North Korea has something to hide…..WHICH THEY DO!

Let’s put this simply shall we?

The head of North Korea aka “Looney Tune” Kim Jong Un is a psychotic cold blooded killer plain and simple! He needs to be removed from power by any means! I see this as a good job for the CIA! Oh wait, the CIA doesn’t do that kind of work anymore as they are far too busy subverting our own POTUS 🙂





2 responses to “Looney Tune in N. Korea Kills Again!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    When the fat kid of NK had his girlfriend killed by throwing her to starving dogs, and then did the same to some military and top advisors of his, it was very clear, that the fat boy, is a Serial Jerkoff Artist.

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