US and Canada: How did illegals get into US anyway?

Since President Trump issued his latest exec order pertaining to illegal immigrants people have been illegally crossing from the US into Canada. Many of those came from Africa and the Middle East and the US wants to know just how they got into the US anyway. Ahhh……HELLO! They walked into the US from Mexico most likely! Does the DHS have no clue that vast sections of he US border with Mexico consist of a barbed wire fence or no fence at all?

These people are classified at OTMs (Other Than Mexican) by the US border patrol and although media reports say the number isn’t large I suspect the MSM with their liberal agenda is downplaying the whole thing. Venezuela is KNOWN to allow Mid Eastern immigrants into their country, teach them how to speak Spanish, instruct them in Mexican culture, and then send them on their way to the US via Mexico.

FACT is this! We have a SERIOUS problem in this country as we have no idea who many of these people are or what their intentions are. Are they common folk looking for jobs and a better life OR are the terrorist soldiers? This isn’t just a matter of illegal immigration as it is also a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! The fact is Trump’s Wall should have been built a long time ago! It’s NOT the Hispanic people I’m worried about. It’s all of the OTMs that are of concern!!

Oh and btw you’ll notice in the source below that the newest PC BULLSHIT seems to be calling these people “asylum seekers.” LOL what a load of absolute SHIT!



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