SPIN IT! Dems still stuck on Russians!

The unwritten rule of the Democratic Party seems to be SPIN IT anyway you can and even if it isn’t true. That’s a sad thing to see for someone like me who has been a lifelong Democrat. IMO the Democratic Party has gone too far to the left and, in fact, they are now well within the limits of the radical Left. Myself, I am and have always been more of a “Kennedy Democrat” and, honestly, I’ll stay in that position as I don’t want to be a part of the new Democratic left.

The latest SPIN IT comes about concerning Attorney General and former US Senator Jeff Sessions and a demand from the leftist Dems for him to resign immediately because he “lied” during his confirmation hearings regarding contact with Russian officials. In case you haven’t noticed the Dems seem to be attempting to create some sort of Cold War style conspiracy theory involving Trump and Trump campaign officials in which there was some sort of unidentified collusion between them and the Russians to rig the 2016 elections thus explaining why the Dems LOST.

It seems that the Dems are unwilling to take a close hard look at themselves and identify problems within the Party and correct them. Instead they want to whine and bitch and play the “blame game.” Frankly, I’m pretty sure this is turning OFF many Kennedy Democrats like me! But, hey, the Dems have already said there is nothing wrong with their message even though their message does NOT appeal to working Americans and their last presidential candidate pick certainly did NOT connect with we who are the working Democrats in America!

Here’s a FACT. Senator Jeff Sessions who is now the AG was a senior ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and he regularly met with foreign officials and foreign Ambassadors as a part of his JOB as ALL members of that Committee (Dem and Rep) do routinely. He met with the Russian Ambassador apparently on two occasions during the Trump campaign in THAT capacity and NOT in the capacity of serving on Trump’s election campaign. According to Sessions the campaign was NOT discussed but only business pertaining to his position as a senior ranking Senate Committee member. And there is NO EVIDENCE to suggest otherwise.

But the Dems aren’t letting up even though there is NO EVIDENCE. Why are they not giving up? Because the Dems are looking for anything and everything they can to bring the Trump Admin down. Now I’m wondering if the Dems are thinking that if they bring down Trump then somehow they can get Hillary Clinton in the WH. Is that what they are thinking? Hillary has NO CHANCE! The Dems are living in fantasyland! But here’s something else………..

For the past 8 years we have had a Democratic POTUS named Barack Hussein Obama who has done NOTHING to unify the people of this nation even though it was one of his major campaign promises both in 2008 and 2012. In fact, this man did everything he possibly could to either cause or fester division in this nation for 8 long years! We thought we were rid of him but rumor has it that he’s about to make a “comeback” and cast himself as some sort of “global community organizer.” Seriously? Why doesn’t he just go away like all of the POTUS before him? Well the answer to that is he has a very BIG ego and people with BIG egos like his don’t just go away. In their own minds they think they are just too important to go way and exit the limelight! So from what I gather Obama is about to become more of a global troublemaker than he was as POTUS. And this despite the fact that he has very little respect among many world leaders and nations who are rather sick of the man. I suspect Obama is a grossly egotistical man who is about to have a very big downfall but that’s another story for a future post.

I actually think it’s pretty comical that the Dem strategy is to work along lines of the old Cold War to assault the Trump administration. Clandestine meetings in dark rooms. Plenty of accusations but very little to NO evidence. Rumors flying out of every corner. Suffocating cigarette smoke in small rooms! Russian spies anywhere and everywhere! The boogeyman in ever closet! The Cold War scenario? Do the Dems not know the Cold War is over and has been over for a long time now?

Rather than having a nonstop tantrum over the loss of Hillary and the WH I really think the Dems ought to be putting their energies and efforts into creating an image as a party of ADULT LEADERSHIP and garnering RESPECT instead of DISDAIN! I mean, I’d like to see my fellow Democrats acting their age instead of sniveling like spoiled rotten children frankly! I’d like to see my fellow Democrats behaving with professionalism and dignity instead of snot nosed punks! In fact, if the Dems keep acting the way they have been they can count me out when it comes to voting in the mid-terms! Sorry but I like MOST Americans DO NOT want these kind of people as our leaders. We want ADULTS who act like ADULTS and who act with INTELLIGENCE AND DIGNITY! Instead of searching for boogeymen maybe they should spend their time LEADING and GOVERNING which is what they were elected to do. If not, then I guess come the mid-terms it’s time for Democrats like be to gather together and vote these CLOWNS OUT OF OFFICE!!  And THAT, I assure, IS what will happen!


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