Communist Arrested for Jewish Bomb Threats!

A disgraced former news reporter was arrested by the FBI today for allegedly making numerous bomb threats against Jewish organizations including schools and community centers around the nation. His name is Juan Thompson age 31 and an African American. He was arrested in St. Louis. Sources say he made at least 8 bomb threats and was cyberstalking his former white girlfriend. .

Thompson is a former reporter for the news org “Intercept.” He was fired after he was caught making up sources for his reports which included one concerning the case of white nationalist Dylann Roof of Charleston who murdered several African Americans in a church. Authorities say Thompson made the threats via phone calls and emails.

Thompson’s Twitter account promotes COMMUNIST and anti-Trump ideology. Thompson also complains about racism while working for his former employer and from his former white girlfriend. In that Tweet he also alleges that this ex-girlfriend sent out fake bomb threats and wants him “to be raped in jail.” In another Tweet he calls President Trump a “racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”  Thompson tweeted as recently as last week concerning the bomb threats received by Jewish orgs around the nation recently.  I think it safe to say Thompson may have some mental issues.



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