Leftists Just Can’t Stand Manliness

commentary by Monomakh ——-

One thing the Leftists really hate is a male who acts like a Man. They always have hated a male who is comfortable with his masculinity and one reason is because the Leftists know that such males are what stands between them and their diabolical agenda for global Communism.

manhood5Many Americans have lived a life of being grossly misinformed and the sad thing is that these misinformed Americans have never taken the time or made the effort to educate themselves about Communism and the Communist plan for global domination. These American’s have mistakenly thought that the plan was and still is to take over America via military conquest but that has never been the Communist agenda. In fact, the Communist agenda has always been to take down America economically and degrade our nation on a societal level. Specifically, the plan has always been the destruction of the American male.

Why America? Why the American male? America has been and continues to be the only thing that stands in the way of the global Communists and their dreams of world conquest. This is one reason America has always been identified as the enemy of Communism and Leftism. Advocates of Communism know well that unless America is brought to its knees their ideology can never take ahold on a worldwide scale. They have also known that the biggest driving force behind America has always been the American male no matter what his SKIN COLOR! They have known that in order to take America down they must first engineer the demise of the American male. This is one reason they hate President Donald Trump. He’s trying to restore America and he’s also trying to restore the American male…red, yellow, black, white, and all inbetween. The global Leftists thought they were close to achieving their goal under the Obama “metrosexual” administration but with the election of Trump as POTUS they realized they were NOT as close to their goal as they thought. Thus, all of the whining, bitching, crying, and vindictiveness to bring Trump down.

The BIGGEST avenue for promoting the Leftist agenda has been America’s education system. Any good Leftist knows that if you can get a hold of the young you can indoctrinate them into the Leftist ideology. And they’ve done just that on the elementary level of education all the way up through college education! For decades now our schools and universities have been literally overflowing with Leftist advocates who have indoctrinated our youth into such ideology while trashing traditional American values and morals at every opportunity. The result has been that we have generation now that believes the Leftist agenda is the way to go as they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that if Leftism ruled America then everything would be fair, just, and fantastic. They were NOT taught the reality of Leftism as we see today playing out in places like Venezuela and as we’ve seen in the past with regimes such as the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. Our youth have been painted a FALSE PICTURE of the “glories” of Leftism and they have NOT been taught the HORRORS of Leftist regimes.

The Leftists have also been waging a WAR against the American male as part of their agenda of conquest. Leftists educators have indoctrinated our boys into feeling ashamed that they were born male. They have put out the message that if you are born male there is automatically something wrong with you because you have a penis! Our male youth have been made to feel shame! Our male youth have been made to feel inadequate and even outright evil and vile on the mere fact that they were born MALE. Our male youth have been sissified and weakened emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, and spiritually and the ongoing assault against them is by design NOT accident!

These vile Leftists have targeted everything male including the males innate trait to be competitive, goal oriented, mentally and physically strong, and they have especially targeted our innate male PRIDE. This has now gone on for so long that today we have a male youth that is confused, ashamed, and weak willed!  The role models provided to our male youth have been that of the “metrosexual” who is a “citizen of the world not America.”  They have been indoctrinated into “letting the woman inside you come forth” even though the REALITY is there is NO women inside ANY male!  Instead of promoting self-pride, self-esteem, and strength what has been promoted is self-hate, shame, weakness, and gender confusion!  The image of the macho male has been used as the “monster” to be avoided and meanwhile the image of MASCULINITY has been ignored and hidden away.  NO machoism and masculinity are NOT one in the same!

The election of Donald Trump is a wake up call for the American male.  One thing he is trying to do is to resurrect the MASCULINE (not the macho) male and the Leftist psychos just can’t stand that.  Surely, they thought, their vile agenda and assault against everything male was near accomplishment but with his election to the White House they realized just how far away their vile anti-male agenda really is from accomplishment!  NOW is the time to deal a DEATH BLOW to the anti-male agenda of the Left!  NOW is the time for all Americans to STAND UP against the encroaching Leftist ideology!  NOW is the time for the American male to retake PRIDE and cast out the shame! NOW is the time to “make America great again” in more ways than one!!  For, if this is not done America will soon cease to exist and we will go down the SAME road as that traveled by Venezuela, the Eastern Bloc, the USSR, and all other leftist regimes and societies!

The Leftists paint a rosy picture but that rosy picture is absolutely 100% FALSE!  In Leftist regimes and societies only a FEW elites enjoy the spoils while the MASSES live lives of despair, poverty, and inhumanity.  Chances are that YOU will NOT be one of those few elites and you’d better do some long, hard thinking about that!  And if you happen to be one of the “useful idiots” working in our schools and universities you might want to consider how the Leftist have dealt with people like you when they finally do seize power.  EVERY Leftist regime in history who achieves power has SLAUGHTERED the “useful idiots”!!  And that IS what they will do to YOU should they ever seize power in America guaranteed!!!  Don’t be a fool!  Don’t be a useful idiot!  Wake up and STOP promoting the Leftist agenda!

jfk3No one is going to save the American male.  No one is going to restore the American male.  The American MALE is going to have to do that himself.  WE are our ONLY saviors!  We cannot and should not count on anyone to save us or to restore us!  WE must save ourselves or, frankly, we perish and become something NEVER meant to be!  The election of Trump is not only a wake up call for the American male but it is also a wake up call for the American FEMALE.  This, I believe, is our last chance.  Our last opportunity to restore our nation and our society to some level of common sense and intelligence.  Our future as a nation and as a people depends HEAVILY on not only what we do now but also on what we DON’T do now!  And, finally, just in case some of you macho males out there don’t understand my message here I am NOT talking about you as you are just as WRONG as the Leftists in your ideology! I am speaking of the MASCULINE MALE and there is a BIG difference between those who are macho and those who are truly masculine!  The masculine male is NOT one who is domineering, abusive, insensitive, ruthless, and unemotional save for ire.  The masculine male is not one who believes everything must be “my way or no way” as he believes in and employees COMPROMISE.  The masculine male is intelligent, compassionate, forgiving, and giving. He is one who provides for his family and his people.  He is one who truly DOES care about others and who is willing to do without to help others!  The masculine male is one who is comfortable in his own sexuality and feels PRIDE not shame!  He is one who does NOT disrespect women but sees women as equals and as partners in all things!  He doesn’t have to go to and fro proving his maleness to the world as he himself already knows his maleness and has pride in it and has NO NEED to prove anything!  He is NOT the ruthless thug but the NOBLE WARRIOR!  He is wise and perceptive.  He is truly a masculine male who is a man of HONOR not one of dishonor!!  And this last line pretty much sums it up when it comes to the American masculine male………….


Think about it!



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