Things are NOT as they Appear!

Yesterday the FBI arrested a former reporter for the leftist publication called the “Intercept” on charges that he is responsible for at least eight of the 100 threats made this past week against Jewish community centers, schools, and graveyards. Uan Thompson is his name and he doesn’t fit the “profile” being put for by the Left as to who was behind these threats at all.

The Left and the Democrats would like us to think that these threats were put out by anti-Semitic White Supremacists. Apparently that is not true at all as Thompson is a young black American apparently with several issues including racism. He is also extremely anti-Trump and is a black progressive supportive of the Communist agenda.

It appears President Trump was 100% correct when he said last week in response to the threats against the Jewish community that things may not be as they appear. The President was criticized for implying that these threats may not have been motivated by anti-Semitism but by political enemies trying to make people or to make others look bad.

Thompson seems to have a knack for using Twitter and in one of his tweets he expressed his dislike of White people calling them “trash” and saying they have “no shame.” He also referred to himself as a “socialist” and said “we don’t want America like NY, we want it like Havana.”

What seems to have happened is that this young black progressive was making threats and attempting to blame those threats on the far right and Trump supporters but it all backfired with his arrest yesterday. I can’t help but wonder how many more like him are out their bent on causing trouble for the President and his supporters. I bet there are plenty of these subversives.

In connection with this WND reports that former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren speaking of the threats said that he never once encountered anti-Semitism during his service in the US from the right BUT he says he saw a lot of it from the LEFT! Oren says most of this anti-Jew sentiment in the US is found on American college campuses and he says Jewish students do NOT fear anti-Semitism from the Right but from the Left.

While employed with the Intercept as a journalist Thompson ended up being fired from his job for making things up. He lied about his sources more than once allegedly and he also lied about quotes he included in his news reports. He also allegedly created fake email accounts that he used to impersonate other people according to the Intercepts editor-in-chief Betsy Reed. Thompson even created such an account in her name too! The case of Charleston killer Dylann Roof is an example of this. Thompson claimed he spoke to a cousin related to Roof by the name of Scott Roof. Thompson then reported that Scott Roof told him his cousin Dylann might have attacked the black church because he went over the edge when a girl he liked began dating a black man two years before the shootings. Turns out Thompson was never told this and there is no Scott Roof!

How much more of this type of thing is going on in the MSM and the Left? Apparently a lot. The Left is trying its best to inflame the masses, once again, along racial lines and they are waging an unrelenting attack against the President. One wonders why so much effort is being put into this. Is the Left simply having a juvenile temper tantrum over Clinton’s loss? Perhaps but frankly I think there is something much bigger going on here and that is I think the Left is sacred as hell Trump is going to find out just what they’ve been doing for a long, long time now and they fear their own demise and imprisonment! And I hope he does find out and exposes these snakes for what they are! COMMUNIST TRAITORS!

Remember the Left is doing what they have always done and that is operating by deception!




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