Globalism and the Demise of Christendom


Globalists all over the planet are presently engaged in a childish temper tantrum over the election of the outsider Donald Trump put into the American presidency. These “citizens of the world” have suddenly found themselves confronted by a man who is a Nationalist and who adheres to the tenet of “America First.” Never in their wildest dreams did they think such a Nationalist could ever occupy the Oval Office for, surely they thought, the progressive movement in the US was coming along rather successfully and better than anyone could have imagined. But, as Trump entered the Oval Office and as the prime globalist Barack Obama made his exit it became clear that the agenda of globalism had NOT progressed in America as far as the progressives around the world thought. Thus the temper tantrums!

The globalists promote an ideology of political correctness and multiculturalism. Their plan is to integrate all of the various cultures on planet Earth via demographic change (real immigration legal or not). But Trump is also throwing a wrench into this beloved globalist change by banning immigration from KNOWN nations who support terrorism and the globalist do not like that one bit. In fact, it seems that Trump knows the globalist agenda well and is attempting to do everything he can to insure that it does NOT take firm root in America as it already has in Europe.

Another part of the globalist agenda is to bring down Christianity by any and every means because the globalists know that along with the American male, American pride, and American independence that Christianity is an obstacle to the full implementation of their global agenda of Communism! They know that should Christianity remain strong in the West their envisioned “Koom ba ya” paradise will never fully exist. And so, one of the goals of globalism is the wholesale destruction of Christendom or, at least, the demise of it so that it is reduced to a minor religion. And we find an excellent example of the globalist assault on Christianity in France today!

Historically and traditionally France has been a bastion of Christendom. France had man powerful Christian kings in the past. France often aligned itself with the Popes during times of conflict and France led the Crusades in the Middle East against the Muslims. France is one of the nations that has historically been the vanguard and defender of Christendom but today this is all changing as France more and more abandons that role and casts the Church and Christ aside!

The Gatestone Institute released a report this past Saturday on this very subject pertaining to the de-Christianisation of France and the growing importance of Islam in its place. Instead of fighting to save what is still savable the French appear to be issuing “terms of surrender” as they submit to their Muslim conquerors. But this Islamic Conquest is unlike those seen in the past for the modern Islamic conquest of France involved no Muslim army but, rather, it was accomplished by mass immigration of Muslims from the Middle East. It has worked amazingly well in France and the rest of Europe will also soon be subjected to the Muslim conquest I am certain because the Europeans have obviously lost their historical will to fight and to defend Christendom and their own cultures.

The Gatestone report points out that 2 years ago the head of the main mosque in Paris suggested converting empty Christian churches into mosques in order to accommodate the growing numbers of Muslims now residing in France! The French globalists latched onto this idea like a bear on a honey jar! Why even the main French Think Tank got into the discussion and suggested that in order to integrate Muslims better into French culture the French government ought to even go as far as replacing two Catholic Christian holidays namely Easter Monday and Pentecost! And they are recommending the French government replace them with Islamic holidays and ONE TOKEN Jewish holiday so that France can appear to be “ecumenical.” This is nothing short of LAUGHABLE! France no longer has a “French culture” as most of French culture is now being destroyed and dismantled by their Muslim overlords! And to suggest inclusion of one Jewish holiday so that France can appear tolerant and multicultural has got to be a JOKE! I’m sure that at some point the Muslim overlords in France will trash the Jewish holiday along with all Jews residing in France!!

Of course, this globalist ploy is operating under the guise that they simply want to make France appear more religious tolerant and inclusive and treat “all the denominations equally,” according to The Emancipation of Islam in France written by two French globalists. Ahhh excuse me but Islam is NOT a denomination. Islam is a RELIGION! A denomination is what we find in Christianity such as the Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, etc. Seems the French even fail to understand the difference between a religion and denomination and, frankly, I am NOT surprised by such ignorance!

Easter is THE most important HOLY DAY (holiday) in Christendom contrary to popular opinion that it is Christmas because Easter celebrates the RESURRECTION of Christ. The French globalist claim is that they simply want to replace two “minor” holidays with two major Muslim holidays yet there is nothing minor about Easter to Christians! The globalists seem not to know or understand that which I also do not find surprising!

It USED to be that Christians were strong in mind, body, spirit, and faith but that is NOT the case today.  Today the majority of Christians are WEAK in body, mind, and spirit AND in their faith!  It used to be that our churches were fortresses for the faithful and our pastors were commanding generals in the war against evil, materialism, immorality, and GLOBALISM.  But that is no longer the state of Christendom today.  Instead our churches are nothing more than field hospitals (M.A.S.H. units) for the spiritually wounded and destroyed.  Our pastors are nothing more than medics applying bandages to those spiritual wounds.  Our churches are no longer fortresses for the brave but they have become HIDING PLACES for the WEAK AND AFRAID and for the ASHAMED!  And so it is no wonder that Islam is invading Europe and conquering historically Christian nations and cultures without even a single shot fired!!

The French WILL surrender to this conquest first.  Germany will do so next.  Other European nations will quickly follow and the UK will be the next major European nation to submit to the “Religion of Peace” that seems to offer more human slaughter and death than any real measure of peace!  But, let us make no mistake about it as ALL of these nations and ALL EUROPEAN Christians will answer for their apostasy before the Throne of Judgment on fine day.  And Americans should NOT think they are immune to all this either and the SAME thing is starting to happen in America under globalists like Barack Obama and George Soros!  America was well on its way following in the footsteps of Europe prior to the arrival of Donald Trump!  And, it just might be Trump who prevents America from being conquered by this “Religion of Peace” that offers little to no PEACE at all, in truth and in history!  But let American Christians make no mistake about it as Trump cannot do this alone.  EVERY Christian is now required to join him in his fight against the globalists!  We must dismantle the MASH units and rid ourselves of the weak-willed HYPOCRITES in our pulpits and go back to making our churches fortresses, our pastors commanding generals, and making the mission of the church to train present and future CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!

We shall see.





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