OBAMAGATE: Obama Tapped Phone and Computers of Friends and Foes Alike!

Former POTUS Barak Obama

It is now beginning to appear that the Obama administration was far from being a stranger to wire tapping and that the administration spied on both friends and foes alike!

The Gateway Pundit has published a list of over a dozen wiretaps conducted by President Obama’s administration over the course of his 8 year tenure as POTUS. Of interest they bugged a private climate change meeting between the UN Secretary General and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin and they stole Italian diplomatic cables involving the Israeli and Italian prime ministers!

Journalists were also widely wiretapped especially those journalists who wrote unflattering stories about Obama and his administration! In short, this is nothing short of Police State tactics but wasn’t that what Obama and his Leftist buddies were hoping to create in the USA? So it would come as no surprise if Obama wiretapped TRUMP TOWER is now being alleged. In fact, it is now HIGHLY PROBABLE!

Time for Obama and his cronies to face justice just like Nixon and his cronies did during the Watergate scandal.


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