Pelosi Accuses MSM of Being Accomplices with Putin!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-CA speaking at a press conference over this past weekend said, “I think the press were ACCOMPLICES in the undermining of our election by the Russians by not pointing out this stuff is worthless…..” She was speaking of the Clinton emails exposed during the November election.

Pelosi lambasted the MSM at the press conference saying the MSM could have done a better job highlighting Russia’s meddling in the election. She went on to say reporters were wrong to report on the content of emails from Clinton, DNC staffers, and John Podesta. She went on to say the MSM was wrong for ignoring Russian hackers were responsible for leaks of those emails even though nearly every story published about them carefully noted the emails came from Russian sources. WTF? What planet is she living on?

Continuing her tirade Pelosi said reporting on the leaked emails was worse than a waste of time and actually benefited Russia and its attempt to interfere in the election, meaning reporters in the MSM acted as “accomplices.”

So I take it that now Pelosi has something in common with President Trump? They both think the MSM does a poor job and has done great harm? But what is even stranger than that is the MSM has launched no great outcry over being accused of being accomplices with the Russians! Now isn’t that rather odd? Not one editorial in the MSM has even bothered to denounce Pelosi’s attacks and there are no demands for apologies such as we see from the MSM when it comes to Trump denouncing the MSM.



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