Kelly: Obama Running a Shadow Govt to Undermine Trump!!

US Representative Mike Kelly R-PA today alleged that former POTUS Barack Obama stayed in Washington DC to run a shadow government aimed at undermining current POTUS Donald Trump! Recall that originally Obama and his clan planned to retire in Hawaii, then Chicago, and then DC. Recently Obama moved former Chief Adviser Valerie Jarrett into his DC residence for some odd reason and now we appear to know why. Is Obama playing the role of shadow POTUS? A sort of “Anti-pope” role?

Obama said that he was going to stay in DC until his daughter graduates. Kelly speaking about Obama said he is only in DC for one reason and that is to undercut Trump’s agenda every way he can. So what’s new? Obama has spent the past 8 years undercutting America any way he can. He’s a natural born subversive!

Obama has formed an advocacy org called “Organizing for Action” which is a Leftist org (Communist). That org was set up after Obama’s re-election back in 2012. It is geared towards creating support for the Democratic platform. According to the NY Post this org is now gearing up for war with growing coffers and more than 250 offices nationwide! It has 30,000 volunteers and it will reportedly work against President Trump at every turn and take its marching orders directly from Barack Obama. It is now very clear that Obama has chosen not to go the way of other presidents and retire. It is also now very clear that Obama has every intention of continuing his subversive, anti-American, Leftist Communist agenda!

“Organizing for Action” ( OFA) is a nonprofit org and community organizing project advocating the agenda of BARACK OBAMA not necessarily the Democratic platform!  It claims to fight for “progressive change” (read Communism).  In the “About” section on the orgs website is says, “We’re committed to finding and training the next generation of great progressive (Commie) organizers….”.  I just bet you are!

Now I am sure Obama and company believe in their OFA agenda and purpose and I’m also sure Obama’s BIG ego just won’t allow him to fade into the background either.  Nothing says he must retire quietly but there is the matter of respect for the current POTUS that all past presidents have employed.  Obama appears to be unwilling to do that. Now don’t make the mistake of thinking Trump is innocent either!  Recently he made allegations that Obama spied on him in Trump tower but Trump has thus far presented NO EVIDENCE!  So it this is true then why has Trump not presented evidence to support his allegation?

What I see is a battle royale between the Corporatist Trump and the Communist Obama and they’re going to battle against each other for at least the next 4 years.  The battle between the Fascist/Corporatist and Communist is an old battle.  My how little things have changed since the 1917 Russian Revolution and Hitler during WW2.  Same play, different faces!  Amazing……………

Oh and btw what this battle royale is going to accomplish is further DIVISION in America!  Good luck Trump trying to unite us!!




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