Ryan’s Obamacare Lite is a Corporatist Fleecing of America!

House Speaker Paul Ryan finally revealed his “ObamaCare Lite” aka the American Health Care Act and what an absolute FARCE it is. I can see why he held the bill in a secure location because what it is, is a “healthcare” bill that fleeces America and enriches the Insurance Corporations (read Corporatist). Frankly, at this point I think Congress should ax Obamacare and replace it with nothing because obviously the people in Congress are far to incompetent to come up with a sensible replacement!

It’s no secret that Speaker Paul Ryan is a RINO in much the same fashion of that other RINO known as Senator John McCain R-AZ. That explains the almost constant little smirk Ryan has on his face and he’s obviously smirking at We The People. Never thought I’d say this but I’d rather have Nancy Pelosi back as the House Speaker.

Ryan’s plan would increase penalties for not having health insurance for 63 days to an astounding 30% of your monthly premium! The Act would only serve to enrich the insurance companies and we shouldn’t expect anything different as the health insurance companies already own many in Congress! We like to think we have a “do nothing Congress” and when it comes to representing the American people WE DO. But, not when it comes to the corporations! That is who these WORTHLESS people in Congress represent and since President Trump wants to “drain the swamp” why doesn’t he start with Congress?

Right now Obamacare via the IRS imposes penalties based on income for people who don’t have health insurance for more than 3 months. Ryan’s plan bases that penalty on your monthly premium which are typically adjusted by age which translates to Ryan’s plan being cheaper for younger people and far more expensive for older Americans. And it is older Americans who need health insurance the most. People on FIXED INCOMES!

This is apparently the plan that Trump has boasted about telling Americans that the Obamacare replacement would be a good deal, affordable insurance for everybody. What a load of CRAP Trump! All that Ryan’s plan does is enrich the already too rich insurance corporations! I guess it is a great deal for them but NOT for the American people. Of course, Trump is a Corporatist so we should not expect anything different should we?

So what Ryan’s plan does is increase penalties for low income and elderly Americans and what it is is a fleecing of America! It seeks to enrich the insurance corporations at the expense of the elderly and those with low/fixed incomes! This is a far cry from what most people were expecting. In fact, Ryan’s plan is a step in the WRONG direction!

Ryan says this is as close as we will ever get to repealing Obamacare. Really? When Obama was POTUS the Republicans in Congress passed several symbolic repeals of the Affordable Health Care Act and now that the Republicans are the majority in both Houses they suddenly can’t pass any repeal! That’s amazing! Instead of repealing Obamacare it now appears that the Republicans in Congress are seeking to further RIP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OFF! And that, my friends, is one further reason to ELIMINATE Congress completely! We are paying these con-artists for NOTHING!! They DO NOT represent the American people! They are owned by the 1% Corporatist! What an absolute FARCE our country and our government has become.

Oh and btw, all of you “conservatives” out there that actually think Trump is going to help you are living a pipe dream. If you’re not in the same social class as Trump he’s not going to help you one bit as time will soon tell. Putting Trump in the WH is going to turn out to be the WORST possible thing America could have done. He’s NOT going to “Make America Great Again” but he and his Corporatist buddies sure are going to fleece America at every opportunity and Ryan’s bill is only the beginning!




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