Deep State, Shadow Govt? It is REAL and Working!

Deep State! Shadow Government! The stuff of “conspiracy theorists”! Well, turns out the Deep State is VERY real my friends and it is now working overtime to undermine the President at every turn.

The subject came up again this week during a WH press conference. Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “I don’t think it should come as any surprise there are people that burrowed into government.” This was Spicer’s response when a reporter asked him if he thought the deep state was real.

What is being called the “deep state” is a group of government employees that are still loyal to Obama and his agenda. Spicer added, “I think that there’s no question when you have eight years of one party in office, there are people who stay in government and continue to espouse the agenda of the previous administration.” Spicer also said these people are still trying to pursue Obama’s agenda and this too is no surprise. Spicer also cautioned that it is NOT part of the CIA mandate to identify these people and weed them out.

Undercutting one’s boss is normally considered insubordination and in government it could even be considered sedition or treason. No the CIA is not mandated to weed these people out but the FBI and DOJ are if they are committing crimes such as sedition! And, frankly, I think many of them are doing just that!

I also do not think the Deep State is simply a handful of rogues. Obama’s “solution” to the lack of jobs was to expand government and, thus, create more government jobs. Trump wants to cut big government and of course this agenda puts all those Obama hirees at risk of losing their jobs. So these people are doing anything they can to justify their jobs and keep their jobs in government. However, there is also another element in this mix and that is those people serving in various government positions who have been in such positions for decades now and their mission is to destroy and weaken the US. And these Leftist traitors are doing just that. They’ve chipped away at the log piece by piece and their hope was the Leftist Hillary Clinton would win the presidency and after 16 years of Obama and Clinton their “mission” would be accomplished. These in particular are the people who need to be identified, and brought to justice by the FBI and DOJ no matter what positions they old or what government department they serve in.

Some of these traitors are in low level jobs while others are in powerful high level jobs. Those in the low level jobs are the lackeys and they know it but those in the powerful high level jobs are the powerful overlords and it is these people who are and have been the most dangerous. These high level people call the shots and they must absolutely be identified, weeded out, and brought to justice. Some are bureaucrats. Some are government agents. Some are CIA or even FBI agents. Some are Congressmen or Senators! Some are not even in government positions at all but they are powerful rich Wall Street barons with BIG money and money means POWER! You might say they are the 1%.

Since the cold blooded and calculated very public murder of President John F. Kennedy these traitors have entrenched themselves more and more in government, mostly.  Things have been more or less status quo.  Obama was their dream come true.  He was one of their own!  A Leftist and a Communist who wanted to weaken America and bring her to her knees.  He never missed an opportunity to apologize for America to our enemies past and present.  He never missed a stroke when it came to bowing before kings and emperors like he did to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan.  He made every effort he could to fundamentally transform America into a weakened third world state!  It became very clear Obama detested America and was an enemy of the state!  And Hillary Clinton was from the same mold!

Yes, 16 years of the Obama-Clinton combo would have been enough time to destroy America and our Constitution as we know it and this was what the traitors were all counting on.  And when it didn’t happen they couldn’t believe it!  Trump was suddenly the wrench thrown into the Red Stew!  Now their strategy is to conspire against him and his administration and they are doing exactly that even committing treason!

Our latest example is the release of the CIA documents by Wikileaks last week.  These documents blatantly expose many secrets of our primary intelligence agency.  This breach IS TREASON and nothing but TREASON!  Whoever leaked these documents to Wikileaks needs to be hunted down and brought to justice for TREASON!  Publication of these documents is one of the largest breaches of national security in American history!  I don’t call the person or persons who leaked this info to Wikileaks “whistleblowers.”  I call them TRAITORS just as Bradley Manning is! These people endanger our national security and foreign interests and they need to be held responsible for their crimes.  Clearly the release of these documents to Wikileaks was designed to weak America’s intelligence agency and our national security in general.  In fact, I think the US government should prosecute Wikileaks for even publishing them as co-conspirators!

President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his final televised speech to the American people before leaving office warned us of the emerging “Military Industrial Complex.”  He warned that it was entrenching itself in government and business and considered it dangerous.  The complex has now morphed into the “Military Industrial Banking Complex” and it is indeed well entrenched in government today.  Trump says he’s going to “drain the swamp” in DC.  Well, it goes far beyond DC, Mr President.  And not only does the swamp need to be drained but the surrounding spoiled land needs to be set on fire and burned to the ground!!  It’s time we identify the traitors in our midst and hold them to account for their treason and sedition!



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