Oslo: “We Have Lost the City”; the Muslim Conquest of Europe

commentary by Monomakh ————

Leftists often have a disconnect when it comes to their envisioned Communist utopia and reality. Many are so driven by their vision of a human utopia that they do not consider the consequences of many of their actions. Such is the case in Oslo, Norway and throughout Europe in general today and it now is very clear that the Leftist desire to commit cultural suicide is in full swing and unstoppable.

The Leftist have achieved their goal of flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants from places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. What is now happening is that these immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into European society are turning major European cities into Third World slums! Oslo, Norway is a great example of this.

The rule of law is becoming increasingly ignored as these Muslim immigrants carry out their own “justice” and implement Islamic Law (Sharia). The Leftists call all this “multiculturalism” but what it really is is cultural suicide. These immigrants have absolutely no intention or desire whatsoever to assimilate into European society and, in fact, they detest European society and the European rule of law. The are NOT like Muslim immigrants in past times who assimilated into European culture! Instead, they wish to maintain their own Muslim culture and they expect European culture to conform to them! Some of these people hold some very radical Muslim views and they see Europe as a place of the infidels that must be converted to Islam or die. Instead of assimilating these people wish to impose their Islamic culture and beliefs on us and what is surprising in all of this is that European leaders seem inept to doing anything about it. Instead the Leftist European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcome more and more Muslim immigrants with ope arms. Merkel thinks she’s doing something good but what she is actually doing is facilitating the Islamic conquest of Europe!

These immigrants do NOT want to live in a multicultural Europe. They want to transform Europe into an Islamic state and European leaders seem oblivious to this FACT!

Islamic Law stands in stark contrast to Western Law! Islamic Law also stands in direct opposition to common decency and human rights! It is, in fact, an oppressive law system and its sense of “justice” is most certainly NOT what most Westerners consider justice. There are all kinds of reports now coming out of European cities such as Stockholm, Oslo, London, etc and they are all telling the SAME story. For instance, some areas of London are now off limits even to police because radical Muslim gangs have taken over and have implemented their beloved and inhuman Islamic Law. These radical Muslim gangs go to and fro doing whatever they want including killing Westerners and raping European women! The reports of rape by Muslim men on European women are increasing and the rapes are becoming more and more violent and in many cases what these incidents actually are, are gang rapes! And, still, European leaders seem to do nothing or seem to be unable to do anything! Why? Because even when faced with this kind of inhumane reality they are still focused on their Koom Bye Ya utopia!!

In Germany alone 1 violent crime is committed by a Muslim immigrant EVERY 2 MINUTES! German police have essentially admitted that they have lost control of the streets in many areas populated by these Muslim immigrants. The same is true in Sweden and the same is true in Norway. Blindly, the Leftists in America are following in their European big brother footsteps and Americans had better think twice about allowing large numbers of Muslim immigrants in like the Europeans have done already! The SAME thing will happen here as we now see happening in Europe and Americans can count on it 100%.

The historical and traditional European forms of government, law, and society are in direct contrast to those of Islamic society. In terms of America our Constitution, form of government, and societal norms stand in direct contrast to those of Islamic norms. Immigrants used to come to America and assimilate into American society but today’s immigrants are different. They DON’T want to assimilate! Instead, they want us to conform to THEIR culture, ways, norms, laws, and religion!

I’m not being Islamophobic or racist. I’m simply pointing out the FACTS that the Leftists, including those in America, seem blind to.

In Oslo the situation with these Muslim immigrants has gone from bad to worse. Not far from government offices exists a growing Islamic hellhole and police have largely given up trying to enforce Norwegian law in the district. Now this is very surprising because Norway is one of the homes of the ancient Vikings as is Sweden and Denmark. What has happened to the Viking spirit there? Apparently it is well dead!

In this district of Oslo there are “Sharia Patrols” who roam the streets. Actually, they are gangs of radical Muslim young males mostly bent on terrorizing anyone and everyone who dares enter or happens to live in the area. Gay couples are regularly harassed and assaulted or even killed. These “Sharia Patrols” are actually vigilante gangs ignoring the laws of Norway and ruthlessly imposing Islamic Law on people. Further, this area not far from the seat of government has been transformed into one of the worst slums on the planet by these self righteous Muslim immigrants who want nothing to do with European culture! Oslo is becoming a GHETTO!! So is London, Stockholm, and a host of other European cities!!

These “Sharia Patrols” play on violence and fear because what they actually are are gangs of THUGS! Of course the Leftist are quick to point out that these “patrols” are a deviation from “true Islam” as Islam is truly a “religion of peace.” However, Islamic history does NOT support the that assertion and, in fact, history points to Islam being anything BUT a “religion of peace.” About the only term I can come up with that even comes close to describing what is going on in some European cities is “Barbarism”! Europe has let the barbarians into the gates and they are now in process of the wholesale destruction and conquest of Europe! But, still, the Leftists don’t see it that way as they are still to enthralled in their utopian vision that they are so sure will come about…..somehow?……some day? MY ASS!!

I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again.  There are two ways to conquer a nation or a region.  One is, of course, through military force and invasion.  The other is by mass uncontrolled immigration.  It is the later that is now happening in Europe!  This is basic Military Strategy 101 and, ironically, the military and civilian leaders in Europe appear oblivious to it all.  There is a difference between being “tolerant” and STUPID!  The Leftists need to give up their vision of utopia.  That utopia didn’t work our so well in the former USSR.  It didn’t work out so well in Venezuela where masses of people are now starving!  It isn’t working out so well in China or North Korea.  In fact, the Leftist Utopia doesn’t work out well anywhere and guess what?  IT’S NOT GOING TO!  It is a fantasy vision and will always remain nothing but a fantasy!  It is wishful thinking that has no basis in REALITY!  It is the schizophrenic hallucination of a mass mental disorder!!

Europe is all but lost now.  Will America be next?


2 responses to “Oslo: “We Have Lost the City”; the Muslim Conquest of Europe

  1. In Southern Africa, if the police are helpless the people would apply street justice; everyone has the lawful natural right of self-defence;
    However, the men in Europe seem rather passive; where are the peacekeepers? the militia’s? It’s time local communities start governing and protecting themselves; in peace

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