Trump: How long does the blame game go on?

Donald Trump has now been in office as POTUS for almost 3 months and I keep waiting for him to take the initiative and be POTUS. But, instead what we have gotten is episode after episode of Trump blaming Obama. Case in point, his most recent blame on Obama is that it is Obama’s fault for the chemical attacks in Syria this week. Geez and I thought it was the fault of Assad or ISIS! Go figure………….

Anything and everything is the fault of the POTUS before me! Seriously????

I can’t help but notice just about all Trump has done since assuming office is to void Obama’s executive orders one after the other. Is this all he plans to do as POTUS for the next 4 years? I see him spending his time “undoing” what Obama did but I’m seeing nothing original on his part as current POTUS. He’s NOT governing! He’s playing the “blame game.” Somehow I don’t think this is why people voted for him or maybe they did.

Honestly, Trump needs to get off his ass and high horse and start acting like a dignified POTUS with some class and stop playing the blame game and do HIS thing! Enough of blaming Obama already! Enough of voiding Obama’s EO’s already! Enough of the talk about how he (Trump) has a great plan! LET’S SEE IT!!

Trump is not going to turn out to be an effective president by continuing to blame Obama for all of America’s woes. He isn’t going to achieve any of his promises by constantly referring to Obama and/or blaming Obama either! Painting Obama as the big bag monster isn’t going to make Trump a good president either nor an effective one. In fact, I see all of Trump’s actions and blame game bullshit as pretty JUVENILE! And I thought America elected a MAN? Guess I was wrong about that 🙂

Real men don’t go to and fro blaming anything and everything on another man or woman for that matter. Real men, like REAL LEADERS, take the initiative and do their own thing despite what someone before them has done. Real men and real LEADERS take responsibility! And that is really what this rant comes down to….

Just when is Donald J. Trump going to start taking responsibility not only for the good BUT ALSO FOR THE NOT SO GOOD????

Can we MOVE ON PLEASE? We’ve heard about Obama for the last 8 years and we don’t need to hear about him for 4 more years! Trump needs to engage in ACTION and and forsake playing the blame game! It is NOT going to get him anywhere by constantly blaming Obama and as POTUS to be an effective one requires much, much more than simply sitting at his desk voiding Obama’s EO’s!!

It’s time for Trump to take up some ACTION and be a LEADER and that means assuming RESPONSIBILITY as the current POTUS! Enough of Obama, enough of the EO voiding routine, and most certainly ENOUGH OF THE BLAME GAME ALREADY TRUMP!!

MOVE ON AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One response to “Trump: How long does the blame game go on?

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I believe the president is like a ship dead in the water with nothing on the horizon. Yes, he was the lesser of two evils, considering Hillary, but an evil, remains, an evil. I doubt if the president will do very much about anything, because he has numb balls when it comes to Constitutional Carry, so let him take his lumps, as the democrats and leftists serve it up.
    2020, we will need president #46.
    No Constitutional Carry = Dump Trump.

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