Further Elaboration on Trump’s Firing of the Head of the FBI…..

Now that I have some time (finally) I want to expand my assessment and commentary centering around President Trump’s abrupt firing yesterday of FBI Director James Comey and a few other little items about Trump that are really beginning to bother me ūüôā

Let me start with this…yesterday when Trump issued his letter informing Comey he was fired Comey was in LA delivering a speech to some of his agents. ¬†From what I hear initially Comey say the bi-line on a new channel playing on a TV in the room and took it as a joke. ¬†To his surprise it was not a joke and it was confirmed to him that Trump had indeed fired him. ¬†Comey, I assume, was devastated and had to even ask permission to fly back to DC on the FBI jet he flew to LA on! ¬†Frankly, I think this was a pretty shitty way of firing Comey. ¬†Trump should have showed some professionalism instead of acting out of emotion as most teens do and waited until Comey got back to DC and summoned him to the White House for a face to face meeting and, thus, inform him that he was terminated. ¬†But, as has now become clear after 4 months of his presidency as exhibited by his obsessive presence on Twitter, Trump doesn’t do things the professional way. ¬†Instead it now appears to me that Trump acts out of emotion, off the cuff, and that is a very bad thing for a POTUS to conduct business. ¬†That tactic might have worked for him in the real estate business but it likely doesn’t work in government. ¬†I’m absolutely certain we have not heard the last of Comey yet.

Of course the “excuse” is connected to Comey’s testimony before Congress last week in which he “allegedly” lied about the Clinton emails and the allegation that Comey, according today to the White House, threw a “stick of dynamite” into the Justice Department during a press conference he used to clear Hillary Rodham Clinton. ¬†Further, a WH spokesman alleged that Comey had committed “atrocities” as the Trump Administration stepped up the war of words against the now ex-FBI chief. ¬†Just what “atrocities” were they??? ¬†It’s easy to make allegations but you’d better have some damned good proof! ¬†Additionally, at a meeting today between Trump and Henry Kissinger the President said Comey was not doing a good job “very simply.” ¬†That aside I can’t help but wonder just why Trump is meeting with that old warmonger Neocon Henry Kissinger to begin with! ¬†It appears to me that Trump is now showing his true colors as the Corporatist Neocon he is and has always been! ¬†YES America you were FOOLED again and played like IDIOTS again in the last election!!

Of course, we all know that Comey and his FBI had been investigating Trump’s ties to Russia in the form of his and his clans business dealings. ¬†Now isn’t that interesting? ¬†Comey is leading the investigation and suddenly he’s fired by the very person he’s investigating? ¬†Is this an attempt by Trump to derail that investigation as many are now alleging? ¬†Democrats are screaming now for an independent special prosecutor to continue the investigation which, frankly, should have been the case since the start! ¬†What made anyone think Trump as POTUS wasn’t going to end up canning Comey when he got to close??? ¬†It’s not rocket science is it?

Of course that absolutely WORTHLESS DO NOTHING BODY known as Congress has invited Comey to testify tomorrow and tell his side of the story. ¬†Wow! ¬†That should be interesting! ¬†I hope Comey spills his guts and tells all!! ¬†In addition, apparently Comey had asked the Administration for more MONEY and agents so he could continue the investigation into Trump-Russian business ties and dealings. ¬†Of course I’m sure it was mere coincidence that Comey was fired after making such a request, right?

Let me cut to the chase here…..this firing of the FBI director is starting to look REALLY BAD for Donald Trump. ¬†The President may NOT be guilty of anything but firing Comey yesterday sure as hell sent up some red flags! ¬†I do not think this was a wise move on Trump’s part but I’m wondering if he was advised by his daughter (Ivanka) and her husband (Kushner) to fire Comey. ¬†BTW can someone please explain to me in detail just what qualifies these two people to advise the POTUS? ¬†I mean, I’m not see any experience with either of them and come to think of it I’m not seeing any experience in holding political office with Trump himself. ¬†Oh but wait…I know….I know…. people voted for Trump because they thought he was one of the common folk from Main Street who would “drain the swamp” in DC. ¬†Sorry to inform you so late in the game but Trump most certainly is NOT good-ole Joe from Main Street! Donald Trump is a Corporatist through and through and from what he’s done so far as POTUS it pretty much looks to me like he couldn’t give a flying leap about ANYONE on Main Street!!

Case in point? ¬†His Obamacare repeal and replacement routine with Speaker Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan! ¬†Let me see if I got this right….. ¬†The idea is to STICK IT TO anyone 50 or older by making them pay premiums THREE TIMES HIGHER than younger Americans, right? ¬†SERIOUSLY? ¬†We are going to make elderly Americans living on FIXED INCOMES pay THREE TIMES MORE? ¬†The age group that needs healthcare the most? ¬†All I see from the proposed American Healthcare Act is one more corporatist PLUNDERING OF THE AVERAGE AMERICAN! ¬†Healthcare? ¬†MY ASS! ¬†It’s a stick up job!!

Now getting to my final point with Trump…..I can’t help but notice that his associations with some rather questionable people in his administration keep getting exposes and drawing attention for all the WRONG reasons. Example number 1 is Steve Bannon, former editor of Breitbart News that allegedly is a “white supremacist” publication (read neo-Nazi). ¬†I myself have read stories on Breitbart for many years now and maybe I’m missing something as I haven’t noticed any racism on the site at all. ¬†Am I blind? ¬†But, my point is the allegation keeps on being made that somehow Bannon is a neo-Nazi and that allegation alone is enough to send some Americans into full blown panic true or untrue, doesn’t matter. ¬†And then there is Gorka! ¬†Sebastian Gorka to be exact. ¬†He’s a Hungarian born in 1970 who is a Hungarian and American military analyst and intelligence analyst. ¬†He’s also a member of Trump’s national security advisory staff and is a deputy assistant to Trump. ¬†Gorka was actually born in the UK to Hungarian parents btw and became a naturalized US citizen in 2012.

Gorka has authored several publications and his writings are deemed conservative.  He has also been considered to be a fringe figure in academic and policy making circles. Critics have questioned his competence, challenged his views on Islam and radicalization, and criticized him or his ties to the Order of Vitez!

And there we apparently have the problem. ¬†That “Order of Vitez.” ¬†This is a Hungarian order of merit founded in 1920 and awarded as a state honor in Hungary between 1920-1944. ¬†During WW2 many members of the Hungarian government and military were members of the Order. ¬†As such, allegedly, members of the Order were involved in the Jewish Holocaust ¬†in Hungary! ¬†But, some members led a fight against that very holocaust and THIS is what the MSM has FAILED TO REPORT in the American media! ¬†Further, the US State Dept lists the Order as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” (HITLER and the SS). ¬†Well of course it was and so was everything else in Europe during the time because Hitler and the Nazis RULED! ¬†So why wouldn’t the Order be under control of the Nazis during WW2? ¬†But they ARE NOT TODAY! ¬†Another point the MSM has failed to report btw.

So when it comes to Gorka and his membership in the Order the American leftists have concluded that Gorka must be a neo-Nazi just like Bannon. ¬†How? ¬†Don’t ask me. ¬†When I add 2 + 2 I get 4 but somehow the leftists communists in America add 2 + 2 and get 6! ¬†Guess I didn’t pay attention in school ūüôā

To be fair to Trump these neo-Nazi allegations against Gorka and Bannon are BULLSHIT! ¬†Trump’s enemies are trying to make it appear that Trump has a NAZI ADMINISTRATION going on just like Hitler. ¬†But, that is NOT supported by any evidence thus far whatsoever! ¬†Besides, Trump is not Hitler come again. ¬†He’s Mussolini come again!

So I’m seeing some red flags with Trump and I’ve already concluded he’s a 100% Corporatist just like Obama was. Same story just different faces, frankly. ¬†And I’ve got a bit of NEWS for all of you down there on Main Street. ¬†A Corporatist is the ONLY thing America’s going to get from now on because they’ve got DC sealed up better than a bank vault!! ¬†They OWN every Congressman and Senator and just about everyone else in our grossly corrupt, greed ridden government. ¬†You know it. ¬†I know it. ¬†So why in the hell don’t we just get over it already and face the TRUTH?

There is no way in hell the common folk down on Main Street will ever get elected to the White House PERIOD! ¬†Those days are long, long gone and they won’t be returning any time soon! ¬†America is now fully consumed by unbridled greed and gross egotism and these people aren’t going to give up power and influence easily. ¬†So STOP your pipe dream already!

Finally, but not lastly I assure you, I DO KNOW why Trump met with Kissinger today. ¬†To get a few pointers from a real NEOCON and warmongering! ¬† Yeap, get ready folks because Trump is about to unleash war like we’ve never seen before and I assume it will begin with that inbred FATBOY in North Korea! ¬†Why? ¬†Because the neocons see war as BIG BUSINESS, MEGA PROFIT and you know what? ¬†IT IS! ¬†A lot of corporatist are about to make a hell of a lot of more dough very soon. ¬†Just watch America!





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