And the Trump saga continues……

So the investigations into a possible Trump-Russia connection continues and now we have learned Trump asked two national security heads to publicly deny any collusion with the Russians. Both of these officials rejected Trumps request. We also have now learned Gen. Michael Flynn “forgot” to mention his ties with the Russians when he was testifying in Congress.

My main concern in this matter centers around Trump asking two national security heads to publicly deny any collusion with the Russians. That raises a red flag with me and makes me wonder what he’s hiding.

I’m starting to think that during his campaign Trump had a problem with distinguishing between his business dealings and running for the presidency. Now that he’s POTUS I’m wondering it he STILL has the SAME problem! If he is trying to get people to lie for him about his ties with the Russians then there’s something there and it will be uncovered eventually.

In another matter concerning Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia along with the First Lady I must say I was absolutely appalled! Not by Trump but by the Saudis! In fact, they showed the world just how sexists they really are when Trump and FLOTUS touched down in Air Force One! As Trump walked down the red carpet from his plane with the Saudi king I couldn’t help but notice the First Lady walking behind him…. ALONE! You mean to tell me that the Saudis couldn’t arrange to have a few women walk along with her? Where the hell was their queen or concubines?

What Trump SHOULD HAVE done was to stop and have his wife walk by his side. It the sexist Saudis and their king didn’t like it then he should have turned around with his wife and LEFT! Frankly, by not doing that Trump also showed his true colors. SEXIST!

I’m beginning to have some real concerns about Trump and his administration. This man is an OBVIOUS Corporatist and in case you haven’t noticed he’s busy plundering anything and everything for the common folk and padding the pockets of the already filthy rich corporations! His new proposed budget makes some drastic and alarming cuts to Medicaid while increasing the budgets for Defense and Homeland Security. One again in American history we see a POTUS who believes he needs to BURDEN THE POOR to achieve his Corporatist agenda! NOT FAIR!! Trump was played as just one of the common guys who worked his way up to the American dream. NOT TRUE apparently as he’s now showing his true colors called Corporatist Strips! Cutting programs for the poor is only going to increase their burden!

Finally, I’m NOT seeing anything from Trump in the form of “original.” What I do see him doing is wiping out everything Obama has done over the past 8 years! We can now obviously see Trump is a plunderer but my question is when do we see him create something significant? I mean, after all, he prances around and lives like an emperor so let’s see some creativity and magnificent that emperors demonstrate.

In closing, Obama said at one point Trump was a “bullshitter.” I’m starting to think Obama was exactly RIGHT!


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