Britain Under Siege!

UK_1Following the horrific TERRORIST ATTACK BY RADICAL MUSLIM EXTREMISTS a few days ago the UK has now deployed soldiers into the streets around the nation in a preventative effort to stop future terror attacks. Daily tours of the houses of Parliament have been cancelled until further notice. Soldiers now guard #10 Downing Street the residence of Prime Minister May. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is now cancelled indefinitely. Events are being cancelled left and right our of fear of another terror attack like the one that happened earlier this week in Manchester during a concert. Business as usual? Carry on? I DON’T think so!

Life in the UK is anything BUT normal now.  In fact, the UK is quickly becoming a nation under siege by its own military!  I hope Americans take a clue from all this as what we now see in the UK is the end result of allowing RADICAL MUSLIMS into the nation.  Singer Katie Perry following the Ariana Grande concert tragedy in Manchester said we all just need to get along and coexist.  Well Katie that’s a nice Utopian idea but, frankly, it doesn’t fly!  In order to get along and coexist all people involved in the conflict must be willing to do so and right now I’m 100% certain that the Radical Muslim elements in the world do NOT want to simply get along or coexist.  In fact Katie, they want us DEAD, DEAD,  DEAD!  I think Ms Perry needs a REALITY CHECK!

The surge we’ve seen in Europe of allowing “refugees” from Muslim nations to immigrate into Europe in astoundingly massive numbers has been nothing more than the Europeans cutting their own throats.  This large-scale immigration should have NEVER happened period!  These people do NOT wish to assimilate into any other culture than their own.  They do NOT wish to be like Westerners nor do they wish to become Christians.  In fact, what they actually wish to do is to IMPOSE their Islamic and Mid Eastern values on Western society by ANY means! I thought Europe would have awakened now to the FACT that what has actually been happening in Europe is NOT a huge influx of “refugees” but a MASSIVE silent FOREIGN INVASION!  These so-called “refugees” have already achieved more than any Muslim army in history trying to invade Europe!  Read your history and learn from it!

Some in the UK are saying this is the “new normal.”  Excuse me?  The new normal?  Mayhem, murder, military occupation, fear, terror?  You mean these are the new norms?  Do you mean Europeans not feeling safe and secure in their homes is the “new normal”?  What an absolute LOAD OF SHIT!  What this tells me is that the Europeans are just going to ONCE AGAIN lay down and take it instead of MANNING UP and riding themselves of these radical Muslim “refugees.”  What in the HELL is WRONG with Western MEN today???  They are going to coware instead of FIGHT BACK?  If that is the case then every nation in Europe should now issue a Declaration of Surrender to ISIS!  The “new normal” MY ASS!

America…you’d better get a clue and you’d better get that clue REALLY FAST!  I’m sure we are the next big target of ISIS and the radical Muslim extremists.  Their conquest of Europe is already in full swing and soon it will be in our own nation.  And what will we do America?  Lay down and take it like the European weaklings now are?  Or will we FIGHT BACK?  Has the American male gone down the same road as the European male?

The radical Muslim left has no desire whatsoever to coexist or get along with us.  They have no desire whatsoever to assimilate into American, European, or any other society other than their radical Muslim own!  They wish to IMPOSE their values, their morals, and their RELIGION on us by any means!  These people do NOT like Westerners. They have no desire to be like us.  What they want is to forcibly turn Western society into one more radical Muslim tyranny state!

What we saw in Manchester a few days ago was beyond anything HORRIFIC!  Innocent children and teens were injured and killed by a radical Muslim male VOID of ANY humanity whatsoever!  If what the world saw in Manchester a few days ago isn’t a WAKE UP CALL then just what in the HELL IS?  It’s time to STOP being so nice!  It’s time to STOP with the PC bullshit already!  It’s time to scrap the wishful thinking of coexisting because it’s NOT going to happen with the radical Muslim extremists who hate our guts, literally!  It’s time to get serious and get these people out of our countries!!  They can go back to their own countries and have all the Islam and radicalism they want!  Until we do that this problem is only going to get bigger and more widespread and we are going to see plenty more “Manchesters” in the future!

For now, Brits…..welcome to to your new POLICE STATE!  Hope you enjoy it!  It’s all due to your own stupidity and PC blindness so blame no one but YOURSELVES!  Cheerio chaps!  BTW just where are the great UK statesmen and leaders today?  Oh wait….it’s the same in the UK as it is in the USA.  THEY NO LONGER EXIST!  What a SCREWED UP WORLD!!





7 responses to “Britain Under Siege!

    • Thank you Brittius 🙂 BTW can you once again tell me the story of your Roman General ancestry? I’ve found something in my own you might be interested in too.

      • You’re welcome.
        I am a direct descendant of the Roman General, Brittius. My name is the conversion of Latin to Italian, but pronounced the same. Same family, same bloodline, it’s me. The town carries my family name, in Sicilian. My ancestor, a four star general, and consul of Rome, was named by the Roman senate to be emperor just before Constantine. There was an assassination plot to kill him because he had family values and the degenerates in elected positions did not want that. He died nine days before the plot hatched. He had a heart attack. Over time, there were four other generals in the bloodline. After my ancestor died, there was a price placed on the heads of my family and they went to Sicily. When Rome was falling, all the loyal people, and upper echelon of the Imperial Roman Army, went into Sicily. They did commerce with those who were formerly Ninth Roman Legion (Espana), and my male ancestors, until 1860, were educated in Spain. The family came to America in 1861 when Garibaldi was making trouble with a civil war. From what historians in Italy and Europe have told me, there were allegedly six treasures that belonged to my family. We also had two counts and one baron, around the 1600s. The treasures, were said to be around two to six million in value in Roman times, so what now, a few trillion (?), but only two were found and taken by Italian government. Four remain supposedly unaccounted for. Must have had some very serious squirrels hiding the stuff if it exists. I am playing the lottery since 1980 and have won a grand total of $84.00 since that time. I doubt if any treasures, exist.

  1. Everyday there was proof that this scenario was going to happen.
    Yet as you say, Pol-Correctness , multiculturalism, and ‘religious tolerence’ runs rife over commonsense in the UK..
    We also have a problem in the UK called sheeple apathy i.e. anything for a quiet life.
    Ensured by dumbing down education and keeping them on welfare.
    Add to that an antiquated (well past it’s use by date) system of government, and a truly evil judicial system. What is there to like??

    Thus for the minority who still think, who know that the sheeple will keep the existing system of government in power, we just have to sit here and quietly rage.
    Why not do something about it?
    If you don’t live here, you’ll have no idea about how oppressive the state is.

    • Thank you for your comment. In America we have some of the same problems. Ah yes, apathy in exchange for a quiet life. Wasn’t that the same scenario in German as Hitler began to rise to power? Surely was. The PC crowd along with the multiculturalists and far left would have us think there is nothing we can do about anything BUT they are WRONG! It’s time to break out of the trance they have encased us in and take back our countries AND our societies! Time to throw the bums out of government and put in some REAL LEADERS with the courage and guts to RESOLVE the problems! Where are the Churchill’s, the Washington’s, the Lincoln’s? Time to WAKE UP AND BREAK OUT OF THE SHELL and cast off the YOKE that has been placed around our necks!!

      • Time to throw the bums out of government and put in some REAL LEADERS with the courage and guts to RESOLVE the problems!

        Very appealing thought.
        Problem is there aren’t any.
        That and unless the basic system is changed for something better (or should I say different), their talents will be wasted.

  2. Thank you Brittius. You told me this story of your ancestry a while back and I wanted to make sure I had it correct. This is very interesting to me. I recently found out that one of my great great….grandfathers was the Roman emperor Vespasian. But I suppose the stats are the same as they are with Genghis Khan. That is that there are actually millions of people related to the same today lol. Thank you for telling your ancestry story again. I want to research the Roman general in your line and see what I can find about him.

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