Europe Gives Up on America!

I think overall Trumps overseas visit last week was a success. At least in some respects. But, in other respects it may not have been so successful. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is essentially the most powerful of European leaders and Trump’s comments at a meeting of NATO last week seem not to have gone over so well with other. Today Merkel told her people that Europe must now rely on themselves instead of foreign allies. She did not mention Trump directly but the implication was clear. Merkel is now ready to chart her own course despite NATO and despite Trump.

Let us not forget that Merkel is the one primarily responsible for the huge influx of refugees from the Middle East. In some areas of Europe these people have now basically taken over! And Merkel wants MORE refugees from the Mid East brought into Europe. One must as why? What is her plan? If it is the demise of Europe and European culture then surely she’s on the right path to achieve that!

For those who remember WW2 and the ultimate demise of Hitler and his Nazi’s hearing words like this from Merkel is like a repeat of the past. Germany is ready to go it alone and to hell with what the allies think, Trump and America included! That attitude is similar to that of Hitler’s and such an attitude could prove to be dangerous.

Since Merkel has been flooding Germany with Mid Eastern refugees there has been a rise in Fascist rhetoric, membership, and power. This is a DIRECT response to Merkel and her policy of “open borders.” Should the present situation in Germany and in Europe change slightly we could have a whole new scenario in Europe rather quickly. We could see a surge in Fascist power especially in Germany of the magnitude not seen since the rise of Adolf Hitler and THAT could spell disaster for the rest of the world!

Merkel appears not to have been altogether happy with Trump and what he had to say last week on his first foreign tour as POTUS. Clearly, Merkel is not going to get along with Trump like she did with Obama. But Obama and Merkel are globalists, you know, “citizens of the world.” Trump is not. In fact he’s just the opposite and I’d say he’s a Nationalist! His policies agree little with those of Merkel and that is clear.

So Merkel is now leading the charge for Europe to chart its own future course and that likely also means the demise of NATO. Europe and especially Merkel now obviously see America as a part of the past but not the future. And what should we expect? For far too long America has been a nation in decline in every respect and don’t think the rest of the world hasn’t noticed. THEY HAVE!

Obama basically abdicated America’s role as a world leader at the very beginning of his presidency. I knew then that that one move was going to cost us and now it has! What he basically told the world was, “Hey we aren’t going to lead the free world anymore so you’re all on your own.” And that is exactly the way the Europeans took his statements!

America has some SERIOUS problems and that is an understatement actually. We are a greed driven and immoral nation in which just about anything goes and the Europeans have noticed that too as has the rest of the world. The image we have projected of late is one of weakness and indecision. One of ignoring our allies and “doing our own thing” whatever that is.

Someone will lead the Western world and most likely it’s going to now be Germany with Merkel or her like at the helm. America will continue to hold the backseat down just as we did prior to WW1 and WW2. I’m sure that the Germans are thinking Trump’s slogan “America First” eludes to American isolationism even if it doesn’t. That’s the way that slogan seems to now be taken. The Europeans are seeing such slogans from Trump only as further abdication of the American role of leadership. A void is already being left and it appears Merkel is stepping into that void to fill it.

History has shown that one does not simply stop being a leader normally. In fact, such moves historically have tended to end in absolute disaster for all involved! Prior to 8 years ago the free world looked to America for leadership in a chaotic and often insane world. They began to find nothing! That nothing has increased over the past 8 plus years. Now they are hearing the POTUS speak about American isolationism even though that is NOT what he’s speaking about IMO. Nevertheless the free world is looking for new leadership and they appear to have found it in Germany’s Merkel. That may or may not be a good thing. We shall see.

Oh, additionally, Trump needs to learn to control his pie hole IMO.  When you’re POTUS you can’t just go about spouting off at the mouth and saying what you think as everything you say has implications sometime very far-reaching.  Whether it comes out of his mouth or via his Twitter the result is the same.  He needs to learn to control his tongue and think BEFORE he speaks.  If he does not then his presidency is doomed to fail I assure you.


One response to “Europe Gives Up on America!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    The rise of nationalism is now a major force, as invaders are readying to commit to outright war, and those willing to repel the anticipated onslaught are of neo-Nazi and/or some form of supremacist system. Do not expect Marxist snowflakes to defend anything aside from their teddy bear and blanket. I have only one concern, how do you stop the nationalists once they are in motion and the job is done? They are needed but there is no on/off switch that I know of. Maybe the best way is to have them hang all the elected traitors and give nations back to those who are traditional Europeans and protective of the people and nation, rather than the traitorous garbage currently claiming to be leadership.

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