Why Doesn’t Hillary Just SHUT UP already???

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off at the Democratic Debates in Las Vegas

Fake news!  Russian plotting in the 2016 elections?  Common people don’t understand her!  Common people are ignorant!  Lies, lies, and more lies!  Her words/comments were taken out of context!  People on Facebook posted rumors and lies about her!

These are just some of the excuses Hillary Clinton has been using since November 2016 to explain why she lost the Presidential Election.  Here we are SEVEN MONTHS LATER and she is STILL whining about loosing!  Boy talk about a BAD SPORT!!  I figure Hillary has now blamed just about anything and everything but the REAL reason why she lost the election.  HERSELF!!

First of all she has a “likability problem.”  People just DON’T like her!  It could be her attitude or the air around her but she seems to have always had a “likability problem.”  Maybe it’s her mouth?

Hillary needs to GET OVER IT ALREADY!  She LOST and it is over.  Trump is POTUS and after what I saw and heard last week you’d all better be ready to have him around for the next EIGHT YEARS!  You read that right!  I said 8 years!  How’s that?  Because last week Bloomberg News printed an article claiming Trump is “assured” 8 years in the White House and then late last week it was reported that since Trump was elected the Stock Market has been hitting all time highs.  That means the rich on Wall Street are now even RICHER thanks to “the Donald.”  

Let me tell you, the people with the money are the people with the power and they aren’t about to let Trump be impeached or anything else for the next 8 years.  See how things in America REALLY work?  The 2020 election has already been decided WITHOUT your vote.  It’s been decided by the people with power and money.  As long as they keep making money Trump won’t be going anywhere and all those dirty little secrets INCLUDING the Russia scandal will eventually get swept under the dirty old carpet.   Hide and watch!

The conclusion I’ve come to is Trump is BULLSHITTER!  He’s an expert at telling people what they want to hear but he’s a failure at delivering it.  The reason he lives in his gold and marble gilded Tower in NYC acting like an emperor is because HE IS AN EMPEROR!  He the emperor of the Corporatist!

Trump is all for the rich corporatist in this nation and he’s going to give them anything they want while breaking the backs of the working poor.  He and Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act is nothing short of a FARCE AND A JOKE!  It calls for an AGE TAX for anyone over 50!  If that isn’t age discrimination then what in the hell is? It also fixes it so that people with pre-existing conditions can be charged 5 times more in premiums than everyone else!

Trump has been in office for about 5 months now and the ONLY thing I’ve seen him doing is ripping apart everything Obama did and pissing off our allies overseas.  The Trump joke is now becoming a Trump nightmare! Both for America and the rest of the world!!

The American nation and our society are in SERIOUS DECLINE!  We are now racing off into the abyss!  I seriously DOUBT that 10 years from now the USA will even exist!  But such is the fate of a greed-ridden, decadent society!  And that is exactly what we have become now!

Going back to Hillary….I think we are all pretty much tired of her playing the “blame game.”  She ought to take a close look at herself rather than blaming everyone and everything else for her loss.   I doubt that will ever happen as she is just one more among the ego-dominated politicians in this country.  They are so in love with their own selves that they just can’t fathom why others wouldn’t be in love with them.  The ways in which the ego blinds us to our own idiocy is astounding to say the least.

And the JOKE goes on…………………………



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