Comey Delivered a Nothing-Burger!!

Before I begin allow me to suggest to the Senate that the next time there is an event like Comey’s testimony yesterday before the Intelligence Committee that they sell tickets and popcorn.  You know…like they do at the circus because that’s exactly what his testimony was yesterday.  A CIRCUS!  All designed for public entertainment and consumption and nothing more.  The drama queen Comey said NOTHING significant other than he admitted to being a “leaker” having leaked FBI memos to a friend whom he asked to get them to a reporter in hopes a special counsel would be appointed.  The only surprising thing yesterday is when Comey implicated HIMSELF!  What a frickin’ circus!!  Prior to his testimony all we heard was how this was “bigger than Watergate” and so I was expecting some MAJOR revelations from the former FBI director.  But what we got instead was a drama queen act tied with an “honest Abe” act.  And, indeed, that is what most of Comey’s testimony was yesterday….AN ACT!

Comey vindicated Trump yet implicated himself and I’m not quite sure what that is all about or why Comey would implicate himself in leaking FBI memos to a friend.  Ironically, when Trump discovered leaks coming out of the WH a few months ago it was Comey he asked to investigate the leaks and prosecute the leakers.  Now it turns out that Comey himself was one of those leakers!  How ironic is that?  And now should anyone decide to prosecute Comey for the leaks we have an admission which means his fate will be sealed.  What a fool!!

Trump’s lawyer intends on filing a complaint against Comey with the US Dept of Justice Inspector General’s office as he well should.  Trump seems surprised that Comey was one of the leakers and apparently he had no clue prior to yesterday when Comey admitted such.  

One ACT almost trumped (no pun intended) Comey’s testimony and that was when Arizona Senator John McCain began questioning Comey.  What in the hell was wrong with McCain?  His questions centered around the Clinton emails and McCain seemed clueless that this hearing was regarding the Trump-Russian ties!  At one point McCain even called Comey, “President Comey”…..WTF???  Did McCain even know where the hell he was yesterday?  In defense of himself, McCain later said that he’d stayed up too late the night before watching the Diamondbacks game.  Well, whatever the reason one thing was apparent to the nation and the world and that is that McCain was disoriented and apparently completely lost during his questioning of Comey!  Is it time McCain retire?  Most likely!

Another revelation by Comey yesterday pertained to Bill Clinton and former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting on a tarmac in Phoenix during the presidential campaign.  That meeting was likely NOT a good idea as it’s been asserted that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was discussed by the two.  Comey basically confirmed what everyone thought went on in that meeting and this affair now needs to be investigated and Lynch brought to justice IF she indeed violated the law during that meeting.

Comey also repeatedly asserted that he felt he couldn’t trust Trump so he began documenting their meetings.  Well apparently Comey was the one who couldn’t be trusted as is obvious from his revelation yesterday that he was one of the leakers!

Comey was trying his best yesterday to come across as the all American boy, mama, and apple pie, Mr Honest but frankly he didn’t achieve that image with me at all.  In fact what I saw was a man who like to manipulate people and situations to his favor.  Honestly, what I saw was a SLEAZY man who CANNOT and who SHOULD NOT ever be trusted!  If he wanted a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia then why didn’t he just ask for one? Why did he feel the need to leak memos to a university professor/friend?

Brietbart News hit it all right on the head yesterday by billing Comey’s testimony as one big “nothing-burger.”   And that is exactly what it was!  So I give the Comey SHOW a big fat ZERO!  It didn’t live up to all the hype and it certainly revealed nothing even approaching the magnitude of Watergate!  Comey got his 5 seconds worth of fame and hopefully this will be the last we see of this drama queen!  He needs to now leave the limelight gracefully and MOVE ON.

And as for the Senate?  I would also suggest they hire someone with the character and talent of P.T. Barnum to coordinate their next little show.


5 responses to “Comey Delivered a Nothing-Burger!!

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  2. If only, just one person, would have eaten beans, before that committee hearing, things would have sounded better, and probably smelled a lot better than what was aired.

  3. LOL both of you are SO right 🙂 Comey’s so called “testimony” was nothing but a demonstration of a chided government official who thought he could do no wrong and was untouchable. And, sadly, our government is full of people just like him. Trump needs to do much more than just drain the swamp. He needs to bulldoze it!!

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