What Game is Comey Playing?

I’ve been watching now former FBI director Comey ever since the Clinton email scandal began and I see some things I want to point out about him.  First he announced that the FBI had conducted an investigation into Clinton’s emails and found nothing illegal.  And then his next move was to announce that Clinton was still being investigated and new emails had been found just days before the presidential election.  When he made this announcement the opposition LOUDLY accused him of attempting to influence the presidential election and, frankly, I believe they were absolutely RIGHT!  That’ is EXACTLY what Comey was trying to do and he did it!

I’ve seen plenty of self righteous people like Comey.  You know the type.  No matter what they do they think they do nothing wrong.  Prior to his testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey told reporters that he had agreed to testify for the good of America, so the public would know.  Know what?  And I’m still wondering this after his testimony btw.

Comey tried to present himself at the hearing as Dudley Do-right and he may have fooled some of the American public but not most of us.  In fact, most of us saw right through him and his deception.  At one point during that hearing Comey testified that he told AG Sessions not to leave him alone with President Trump.  Say what?  You mean Comey the top FBI man was scared of Donald Trump?  That is LAUGHABLE!  A big strong cop afraid of Trump!  Bullshit!

I think Comey’s real intention last week was to manipulate President Trump.  He tried his best to paint a picture of Trump that was something akin to Frankenstein!  He was scared to be left alone with him.  He was scared he would lie about their meeting so he documented it.  Scared this and scared that.  That strikes me as very suspicious!  And this big scarty cat headed the FBI???  I think Comey’s real attention was an attempt to turn the American public against Trump and I also think that he expects the American public to come knocking down his door BEGGING him to be POTUS!  And I think that is ultimately what Comey wants.  He wants the Oval Office to be his and he doesn’t care how he gets it.  This man is a SNAKE in my book!

Since the Clinton email scandal began I think Comey has been trying to influence the election and now the presidency for his own personal gain.  I do NOT think he is concerned about America!  I do NOT think he is Dr Do-good looking our for the welfare of the American public!  This man is clearly a manipulator!  And I bet you anything that is how he got to be director of the FBI.  Via MANIPULATION and destroying his enemies along the way.

People like Comey think they do no wrong and no matter what they think they are always right and everyone else is always wrong.  No one holds a higher opinion of them than they themselves, frankly, but they are never as dynamic and fantastic as their big ego tells them they are.  Comey now needs to leave the limelight and return to his private life.  Sadly, I don’t think he will.  He will most likely make every effort to stay in the limelight because his self perception is skewed by his big ego and big egos can’t stay out of the limelight.

Finally, during his testimony he called President Trump a liar and frankly I think we have a matter of “let the guilty speak first” and they normally do!  Personally, I think Comey is the real LIAR in this affair!  I don’t believe one damned word he said this week.  And I won’t be believing anything he says in the future.  And, frankly, he needs to now just go away and so does Hillary Clinton.  America has had enough of the WASHINGTON CLOWN SHOW.  In fact, it’s pretty sickening now.

Oh yes, one other fact….Comey admitted he was a leaker!  That likely was not a bright move!  He claimed he leaked FBI internal memos to a friend who is a professor at a major university in hopes that a Special Counsel would be appointed to investigate the Trump-Russia connection.  Why didn’t he just ask for a Special Counsel?  I think President Trump stated it pretty well when he said today that Comey is a COWARD!  I absolutely agree!!


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