McCain Says Leadership Better Under Obama

You might recall Arizona CAREER Senator John McCain at last weeks Senate hearing when former FBI director Comey appeared like the great White Knight in shining armor.  McCain was obviously lost throughout Comey’s testimony and, in fact, it appeared McCain didn’t even know why Comey was there.  He kept referring to the Clinton email scandal which is a separate investigation from Trump’s possible ties with Russia but McCain seemed not to know the difference.  Comey was actually there to testify in the possible Trump-Russia Affair and NOT the Clinton email scandal.  In a futile effort to save face as rumors began to swirl that McCain might have dementia, the Senator offered up the excuse that he’d stayed up late the night before watching the Diamondbacks game.

As if this fiasco wasn’t enough the Arizona Senator told The Guardian yesterday that he thinks leadership was better under Obama than it is under Trump.   Ironically, McCain lost the presidential election to Obama in 2008 and back then he had plenty to say about Obama’s poor leadership but now it appears he’s had a change of mind.  Of course, this is not surprising as McCain is well known for jumping ship and going the other way.  In fact, most people know beyond any doubt that McCain is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and has been for decades now.

It used to be that after a presidential election the government and the nation got behind the new POTUS in a show of solidarity and support, “one nation united.”  However, in today’s world the United States is anything BUT united. In fact, the USA is now very divided and we can thank Barack Hussein Obama for most of that.  Obama never missed one opportunity to drive the wedge deeper in this nation’s divisions!  Hailed as the “Great Uniter” Obama actually turned out to be one of the most divisive presidents in American history if not THE most divisive.

McCain most often joins the ranks of the MSM (main stream media) in case you haven’t noticed and right now the MSM is completely anti-Trump.  Obama used the MSM to help him divide this nation and now that Obama is out of office the MSM is continuing their assigned task of still dividing this nation like all good lackeys are expected to do. But there is an even deeper and more profound issue here that needs to be discussed.

That issue centers around the Leftist traitors in our midst and right now the MSM is literally overflowing with such Leftists.  These people have visions of the Communist Utopia dancing in their heads and this partially stems from the fact that they were all indoctrinated well in those FARCE institutions we call “universities” today!  For decades now our colleges and universities have been nothing short of Leftist indoctrination centers and, frankly, it’s been a long, long time since they actually educated students!  These higher institutions of learning, so called, are nothing more than Leftist indoctrination centers.

Consider this.  President George W. Bush 2 was a weak leader and during his tenure the leftists began to really gain a hold on this nation and they entrenched themselves in government and society well.  Then along comes Obama and they REALLY entrenched themselves then.  Why, they actually thought that surely the Communist Utopia would become a reality under his presidency.  But that didn’t happen!  And now these same leftists are doing anything they can to ensure Trump’s presidency is a failure.  The issue propaganda (fake news) almost daily and they ignore the GIANT economic impact Trump has had on the economy in just the few short months he’s been in the Oval Office!  Unemployment is down considerably and there are actually some JOBS out there other than McDonald’s or Burger King!  And over the weekend it was announced that a coal mine in Pennsylvania will reopen and put miners there back to work!  That’s a BIG DEAL!  But this story only received minimal coverage this weekend and what coverage was given focused more on the “evils” of coal mines rather than putting Americans back to work.  The MSM isn’t about to do anything to glorify Trump like they did Obama!

Also over the weekend a national group held protests in several major US cities against Sharia (Islamic) Law and the MSM slanted this story too by saying the demonstrations were “anti-Muslim” which was an OUTRIGHT LIE! These demonstrations were protesting the cruel, inhumane, and outright EVIL that happens under Sharia to mostly WOMEN!  One would think the MSM would have been supportive of these protests as they have long reported on the abuses of Sharia on Women.  But they didn’t and instead they went the other way and one can’t help but wonder just where the MSM support of women’s rights has gone.

My point is this.  For many decades now there has been a concerted effort in this nation by leftists to bring down the American Republic government any way they can.  America has mostly ignored this growing INTERNAL THREAT and now that threat is posing some real dangers to our nation and our form of government.  Here’s the ironic thing, however.  The leftists in the MSM seem to think that if only leftists were in control of our government everything would be just peachy for THEM.  But history says otherwise!  In fact, history shows that when leftists do eventually seize control of a government the media people are some of the first to be imprisoned and disappeared or outright killed!  The MSM seems not to know that they are simply being used as “useful idiots” and once the leftists are in control they will be “removed.”  The MSM has played right into the hands of the hardcore leftist who are actually leading the agenda.  That’s NOT very intelligent and many of the people in the MSM had better sit down and do some deep thinking.  The media is ALWAYS used as nothing more than a toy in leftist regimes!  It is now no different in the case of the American MSM.

America is down the tubes and in the toilet, frankly.  This nation is now in a state of gross decline!   We have shunned our traditional and historical values and morals as a brave people and have instead now turned to the outrageous and the insane!  We have gone way beyond anything Sodom and Gomorrah ever imagined I’m sure. We now stand as the most perverted and degenerated society in human history!  The America that was is NO MORE. The America we have today is NOT what our fathers and grandfathers fought to sustain and protect!  What sad times we now live in.   We are a nation consumed by GREED on an unimaginable scale and corruption on a scale never seen before in this country.  We are a nation grossly divided and, frankly, we have now passed beyond the point of any hope of ever being united again!

President Donald Trump is a man of big dreams and in the case of our nation he is NOT going to be able to save the American Republic by himself.  Every move he makes or even attempts to make is opposed and he’s not going to get far in “draining the swamp.”  History shows that when a nation is in the place America is in NOW that two things tend to happen rather suddenly and unexpectedly.  Either the nation ceases to exist via violent armed civil war OR a despot dictator arises out of nowhere and seizes complete power.  And history shows that these dictators are NEVER nice!  In fact, history shows that these dictators are most often nothing short of 100% PSYCHOTIC!  And, frankly, I think that is what is in America’s future now.  Not civil war but a despot crazed dictatorship in which human life will be completely devalued to ZERO!!  The MAJORITY of the American people are nothing but mindless sheeple now.  They will believe anything they are told and they will do whatever they are told!  Corruption in government at all levels is rampant and this lays perfect ground for the use of blackmail.  The stage is NOW set for the rise of a psychotic despot in America and everyone seems to know it EXCEPT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Why am I NOT surprised?  We are going down the same path as ancient Rome and I’m not surprised by that either.




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