When does the Trump Melodrama end?

He has now been in the oval office for almost 5 months and during the course of those 5 months Donald Trump has basically not done a lot.  His agenda that he preached as a candidate is largely stalled in a Republican controlled Congress that doesn’t support his agenda.  Of course, to be fair, I must point out that since Trump took office the stock market has been up and the unemployment rate has gone down and these two things ARE significant for the economy.  But, mostly what we’ve gotten from Trump over the past 5 months is much more melodrama more than anything else and, frankly, it’s getting a little old.

His rants on Twitter are unwise to say the least and last week he said that what he says on Twitter ARE official statements from the POTUS.  I can see Twitter as being part of the new world order of doing things where a president communicates directly with the people and, thus, bypasses the MSM (which is likely a good idea since they are blatantly anti-Trump) but he needs to be a bit more careful what he says on Twitter as there are ramifications.  

Frankly, I’m tired of the ongoing drama coming out of the WH.  I’m tired of the intrigue.  I’m tired of our top leaders acting with no dignity and, in short, acting like idiots!  Where is the professionalism?  Where is the dignity? I’ve often paused to consider if Trump just sees the presidency was one more reality show designed for public consumption.  But it’s NOT  a reality show!   Far from it, in fact, because as we all know those TV reality shows are NOT reality and 100% entertainment.  Sorry but if I was on “The Apprentice” and Trump, Arnold, or whoever said some of the things they say to contestants on there I’d give them the finger and then a few choice words right in their face!  And if I was on a remote island I’ll be damned if I’d be sitting on the beach eating rice!  No, I’d be killing wild boars, fishing, and snaring birds for REAL FOOD!  And if I was “naked and alone” I sure as hell wouldn’t be wondering to and fro aimlessly in search of?……of?……just what in the hell are they looking for anyway???

I expected that once Trump took office he would quickly have brought back some dignity and professionalism to the presidency but I was apparently wrong.  What the presidency now looks like is a Three Stooges rerun.  No wonder our nation is the laughing stock!

The well rehearsed display given us recently by former FBI director Coney just about took the cake.  There he was testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee doing everything he could to appear as a patriot Dudley Dooright and come to find out he was one of the LEAKERS Trump has been talking about!  So Mr. Patriotic was busy leaking government info in an effort to stab the POTUS in the back!  After finding out Comey was one of the Leakers I lost all respect for him and my view of him changed dramatically.  He went, in my mind, from Mr All American Guy to Mr TRAITOR!  And he SHOULD be charged with HIGH TREASON in my opinion!  Make an example out of him!!  If Trump did that it would stop some of the other leakers because the message would be loud and clear to everyone.  Session’s testimony wasn’t as dramatic as Coney’s but, again, Sessions isn’t a DRAMA QUEEN like Comey is.  And Sessions wasn’t trying to sway the elections last year like Comey was.

The Russia-Trump Affair is going nowhere fast and frankly our government is wasting it’s time.  There’s NOTHING there!   Instead of focusing on business Congress seems bent on finding something…..anything…to get Trump out of office and one must wonder why.  What is Congress so fearful of in Donald Trump?  Do they fear that at some point he may expose all of their “dirty little secrets and deals”?  Are they trying to find dirt on Trump or create some to keep him quiet?  I’m sure Trump knows a lot of those dirty little secrets!

So when do we get on with business in this country?  When do we break our psychotic addiction to Reality Shows and move on?  When does the melodrama end?  All of the melodrama is NOT doing any good for our country.  In fact, it is doing a lot of harm as evidenced last week when the leftist lunatic with a gun shot up our Congressmen playing baseball in Alexandria, VA.  He, I think, was one of the end results of all of the melodrama.  Do we need more?  I think NOT!

Congress needs to get up off their lazy asses and do the work that the voters sent them there to do and it was NOT to give us a HIGH DRAMA SHOW daily!  This Congress is turning out to be just like the last one.  A do-nothing Congress!  Do you think if we cut their salaries in half or by 3/4ths they might get the point?  Or are they just really lazy?

The people of our country are more divided today than ever before  Our government is divided more today than ever before.  Government SHOULD set the example!  Government should be united so that the people can be united!  A nation divided WILL NOT stand!  It CANNOT stand!  Our nation is headed for big trouble if all of this melodrama continues unchecked!!  We have become a JOKE to the world.  We continue to lose respect because our elected officials continue to act without intelligence and dignity.  Is this what we really want?


One response to “When does the Trump Melodrama end?

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    All I want from the president is Constitutional Carry. Everything else is BS. He is very little more than Obama in white face. Last time I will vote for Trump unless he delivers.

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