Senate Healthcare Bill Ready to Persecute the Poor!!

The US Senate has been secretly working on a bill to “reform” Obamacare and the reason it’s been all so secret is because these 100 lobbyists that work for corporate America and NOT the American people know that what is in their bill, if revealed to soon, would PISS OFF Americans especially the elderly and the poor!

Rumor has it that the Senate bill guts the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare meaning that millions of poor and working poor will soon have NO health insurance which will put us back to square 1 prior to the enactment of Obamacare! Of course there is also the House version of the bill which also includes an AGE TAX meaning that if you are over 50 years old or have a pre-existing condition the Health Insurance CRIMINAL Companies can charge you up to 5 times higher premiums!

BOTH bills are an absolute FARCE! Both bills are geared towards once again placing the burden and YOKE on the neck of the poor! But I expect nothing less from the Republicans who have a history of being for big business and NOT for the American people. Trump is CLEARLY a Corporatist even moreso that Obama was. He keeps saying the healthcare bill is going to be “really good.” I suppose if you are one of the shareholders in a healthcare insurance company or drug company then YES it is going to be a really good deal for YOU. But, if you happen to be among the MAJORITY of Americans who are poor or the working poor then either bill is going to be a disaster for YOU.

Obviously, both the Senate and House bills are designed to eliminate health insurance for the working poor and to suck as much money out of the rest of us as possible to satisfy the GREEDY insurance companies and the GREEDY politicians like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. American down on Main Street need to awaken to the now CLEAR FACT that our government does NOT work for We The People but for Wall Street exclusively! Every so often they throw us a crumb just to keep us from rising up.

Trump has spent his time in office doing nothing other than eliminating anything and everything Obama did. When does Trump do something original? When does he stop acting like a dejected wife and start acting like a president? When does he stop acting like a vindictive ass and start acting like a leader? Likely never! I think in the end this presidency is going to prove to be the WORST thing that ever happened to America. He’s clearly for the rich and the corporations. Those who claim he is our last great hope are wrong. By the time they realize they are wrong it will be too late to turn this nation back. NOTHING qualifies Trump to be POTUS and it still astounds me that a man with NO political experience having NEVER served in ANY public office prior could be in the Oval Office. Clearly America now is into electing amateurs as leaders! And that is exactly what Trump is.

But, it is just not Trump as it is also all of the 535 losers sitting in Congress who have been bought and bribed by corporate America. Trump’s promise was to “drain the swamp” but, frankly, it looks to me like he’s actually filling that stinky swamp even MORE. I don’t see where he’s thrown out the lobbyists do you? In fact, it looks to me like there are now more lobbyists than ever! He’s NOT draining the swamp. He’s filing it up with more of his own kind (corporatists).

And then there are the Democrats!

They are just as bought and bribed as are the Republicans. And the Democratic Party is absolutely now LOST! The solution is NOT to go further left but to move BACK to the center! But the Democratic leadership thinks going more left is the answer. They could not be more WRONG! The majority of people in this nation are NOT going to buy a socialist or communist agenda! Get a clue Democrats!

One thing that gets me now about the Democratic Party is the outright LUNACY being put out by Democrats for public entertainment and consumption. They are simply proving what the Republicans have been saying for a long time now and that is that the Dems ar NUT SACKS! Why are we playing into their hands??? Let’s ask Nancy Pelosi shall we? To say that the Democratic Party needs a common sense, popular, and charismatic leader with some intelligence instead of emotion is an understatement! The Democrat Party has moved a long, long way from what it was when John F. Kennedy was elected.

America today is a divided and lost nation and society. It’s getting worse not better. Amateur leadership, corruption, and unbridled greed in government is now destroying the very fabric of our nation and American society. We have entered into a “no man’s land” and our Republic is more at risk today than it was even under Obama the Communist! Meanwhile the American people have gone back into the denial and slumber living out their lives in absolutely lethargy with NO sense of CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY at all. It WAS our job to hold public officials accountable to We The People but we FAILED as we got lazy! Now these public officials know we are not going to hold them accountable for anything so they do what they want at the expense of We The People in order to enrich themselves. This IS the fleecing of America from the bottom all the way to the top!! We as a nation and society will NOT survive this!!





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