Trump and the Russia Affair….the big nothingburger!

Commentary & Opinion by Monomakh —

Isn’t it amazing that the Congress of Ryan and McConnell can’t do ANYTHING?  These incompetents haven’t passed one significant peace of legislation since day One.  I don’t know about you but I’m really starting to wonder just what in the hell we are paying them for.  In fact, I’m starting to think maybe we shouldn’t even have a Congress at all.  I mean, why bother since they don’t do anything but sit and collect fat paychecks anyway.

Oh but wait…they’ve busied themselves with chasing PHANTOMS!  You know….as in….GHOSTS!  Yes that’s right! Our present GOP controlled Congress is chasing the phantom known as the “Russian Affair” which they’ve been chasing after since the very day Trump took office back in February and thus far they’ve found a great big NOTHING!  And chances are they will find NOTHING either.

The Senate Intelligence Committee and Special Investigator Mueller chasing after this big nothingburger is a complete WASTE of taxpayer money!  But I’m not surprised at all as the present Congress seems to do nothing better.  Instead of doing something to benefit the nation and our people this Congress is BENT on the big nothingburger.  And for some odd reason we are supposed to think they are actually doing something LMAO.  Hell they can’t even repeal and replace Obamacare for God’s sake!  And Trump has called upon them to repeal Obamacare and replace it later but they can’t even do that!

What Congress is spending its time doing other than nothing is entertaining the tabloid loving segment of the American public.  Oh the drama!  Oh the mystery!  Oh the might-be-some-corruption!  This is like watching some long drawn out SOAP OPERA!  In fact, some TV producer out there ought to just broadcast Congress daily and call it something like “As the Bullshit Churns.”

In all honesty what I see Congress NOT doing is a real shame.  They have chosen to focus all of their efforts on a phantom while ignoring the REAL business of the country that needs to be addressed and resolved.  They’re acting like a bunch of amateurs yet they think they are great legislators and fantastic statesmen.  Excuse me?  Oh yes, the egotistical have very high opinions of themselves and, in fact, no one has a higher opinion of them than they themselves.

I hope that YOU the American people realize now just what a laughing stock our nation has become.  I hope you realize why foreign nations no longer respect the US nor look to us for leadership of the FREE world.  But, what is to be expected after the completely incompetent administrations of Bush II and Obama?  Two people who should have NEVER been in the White House period!  Those two president’s did more damage to the US and our historical leadership role than even Karl Marx could have dreamed of.  And almost single-handedly no less!

One thing I’ve got to hand to Trump is that at least he IS trying to “make America great again.”  Employment is up, the markets are up, consumers are gaining confidence again, and as Mr Gorka a Trump adviser said yesterday “the days of apologizing for America are OVER!”.  Amen to that!!

At some point the American people are going to have to do something about the people we’ve put into Congress BOTH Republican and Democrat because the people we’ve been putting into Congress to represent us are NOT doing their job.  They are NOT representing the American voter but are representing special interests instead and that is WRONG.  I would say they should be ashamed of themselves but the egotistical know no shame because in their own minds they are perfect and can do no wrong.

The American voters need to vote out the people in Congress who have been there far to long, for starters.  Serving in an elected position was NOT intended to be a career by our Founding Fathers.  It was supposed to be a PUBLIC SERVICE in which you serve 1 or 2 terms and then go back to private life.  This crap of sitting in the House or Senate for 30-50 years is absolute bullshit!  And this is EXACTLY why we need TERM LIMITS.  The POTUS has term limits so why not Congress, Governors, State legislators, elected county officials, mayors, and city councils?  Why do we impose term limits on the POTUS but not the rest?  But and even bigger problem is the bureaucracy that has been created and the bureaucrats in government.  These people weren’t elected and they are really the ones running things in this Republic and they are even MORE incompetent IMO!!  They seem to be accountable to no one and once they are put into their positions it seems impossible to get rid of them.

Congress is now impotent!  Of that I have absolutely no doubt.  I thought with the election of a Republican POTUS and a Republican controlled Congress and Senate that some of our nations business was going to be really and quickly take care of.  But it’s NOT happening!  This present Congress is just as frigid as the last and the one before them!  They are apparently for “looks only.”  Here we have the very body that is supposed to be representing the American voter and they can’t even do that!  That’s pretty damned sad America!

One BIG FACT that Americans had better reawaken to is that  they have some Civic Responsibilities and one of those is that the voters are supposed to be holding ALL of their elected officials ACCOUNTABLE and ANSWERABLE to the people.  And if they aren’t then we have a Civic Duty to remove them from office legally!  Congress has not only failed but so have We The People in our Civic Duty!!

I would imagine by now that most people are pretty sick and tired of the Russian Connection bullshit and you’d think Congress would get a clue and MOVE ON.  But, alas, tis not the case because these 535 incompetents who are doing nothing but MILKING the taxpayers have nothing else to do…..apparently.  What a complete and total SHAME America!  America will NEVER really be GREAT AGAIN until the voters get off their collective asses and start holding the people they elected ACCOUNTABLE period!!



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