I  might add to this list that dictators are also bullies and in this case Trump is going through is lackey Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and threatening Alaska!  YES the STATE of ALASKA!   It all stems from yesterdays vote in the Senate not to open debate for the repeal of Obamacare.  Oh the USA has much to learn about living under a Fascist Dictatorship!  Here’s a clue….when the almighty Dictator doesn’t get his way he resorts to threats.  Got it?

The Interior Secretary called both Republican Senators from Alaska yesterday, reports the Alaska Dispatch News, just to let them know “the vote had put Alaska’s future with the administration in jeopardy.”  The calls were made after Trump tweeted to one of the Senators, Lisa Murkowski, and in that tweet he said the Senator had let Republicans down because of her vote and the entire country.  “Too bad!” Trump concluded.  And the next thing to happen was the phone calls from the Interior Secretary.  Hmm…wonder if the next phone call will come from the Defense Secretary to inform the Senators that when it comes to threats being made by North Korea’s Pillsbury Doughboy, Alaska is on its own from now on.  Just sayin’………………

This threat could have a big effect on Alaska in terms of Alaskans getting posts in the Interior Department and Administration, future drilling operations, and regulatory issues.  In other words, apparently Trump the Dictator has decided to get REVENGE on Alaska via the Interior Dept.

Sooo let this be a lesson for the other 49 states…..VOTE the way the Dictator Trump tells you OR face his REVENGE!!  Get that?……I thought so 🙂

Seriously, what an absolute load of SHIT!  The POTUS threatening a state because he didn’t get his way?  Seriously? Sorry but I’ve now concluded that Donald J. Trump is out to lunch and dinner and all snacks inbetween!!  This man is CRAZY!  In fact, I am now moving towards the thinking that Trump should be impeached and removed OR that the VP should declare him incompetent and take over.




2 responses to “Trump THREATENS ALASKA!!

    • He’s going to put the screws to Alaska. Likely he’s going to put them in a cement overcoat and send the whole state on a swim! :O

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