5 comments on “What Happened to His Promise?

      • If there is not any Constitutional Carry, why should I risk traveling out of state, spending my money on other state economies?
        Bottom line is, without Constitutional Carry, I will not vote for Trump or any other GOP candidate. I would be better off not voting at all.

        • The next election is shaping up to be this…………..
          1. Either you don’t vote
          2. You vote for the Racist Trump (Mussolini come again)
          3. You vote for the Communist (Democrat) Party
          4. Or you seek political asylum in Canada or Paraguay

          Sad choices I know but this is the reality now 🙂


    It seems that President Mussolini…..oh I mean Trump (sorry for the Freudian slip)…. doesn’t communicate with his lackeys below him! Defense Secretary Jame “Mad Dog” Mattis was on vacation when Trump tweeted that transgender would be banned from serving in the military Wednesday. Reports are that Mattis was “appalled” by the president’s tweet and ban. The New York Times is reporting this and also that Mattis only got a 24 hour notice of the policy change. Also the president’s tweet also caught many in the Pentagon off guard. Well this is the way dictators operate so this all should come as NO SURPRISE …… Mad Dog!!

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